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  1. What I really believe is MBAM wants somehow to get rid of lifetime licenses; if is registered in your account will be for life. If is on a piece of paper maybe you will loose it or , I a few years the license will transform in "free" and you will be asked to provide "proof of purchase" (for something you bought 5 years ago, when "life time" was the norm). Registration into account should be done from inside of already activated MBAM, and problem would be solved. But there is no desire for that.
  2. I (the "individual buyer") provided the lifetime keys bought and a screenshot of the keys installed and valid/ working, as well as the email associated with "My account" All it takes is someone from Malwarebytes to manually introduce the keys into my account. I do not understand where is the complication .
  3. Is it mentioned anywhere as a "known issue"???
  4. Thanks, but why exactly "Keys purchased not from our eCommerce partners cannot be added to the My Account page" ? From a technical point of view shouldn't be very complicated. Users with old "life time" keys are supposed to keep them on paper???
  5. Thank you for your answer! One user suggested that this would be possible, see here: What I want to avoid is a situation , few years from now, when one of my licenses will transform from "lifetime" to "free" and I will be asked to provide proof of purchase...
  6. Hi AdvacedSetup, I want to add to "My account" keys for the product I bought retail , and I created support ticket 2317333 . Support says they cannot do it, however I provided the keys and screenshots of keys being installed and being active . Shouldn't be an issue to add them manually. Thanks!
  7. OK , thanks, submitted a request to support.
  8. Hi, Have several life time licenses, up and running , bought years ago. Why I cannot add them to "My account"?
  9. If the "Machine Learning/Anomalous" detected a banal C# program as "0 day malware" with a probability of 94%, you need more than "fine tuning". Maybe starting from scratch.
  10. As long as you get the date format you expect, everything is OK. Who cares about other things!
  11. AV Test is using the following "scenarios": Protection against 0-day malware attacks, inclusive of web and e-mail threats (Real-World Testing) Detection of widespread and prevalent malware discovered in the last 4 weeks (the AV-TEST reference set) Slowing-down when launching popular websites Slower download of frequently-used applications Slower launch of standard software applications Slower installation of frequently-used applications Slower copying of files (locally and in a network) False warnings or blockages when visiting websites False detections of legitimate software as malware during a system scan False warnings concerning certain actions carried out whilst installing and using legitimate software False blockages of certain actions carried out whilst installing and using legitimate software Which one, is NOT, in your opinion a real life scenario??"?
  12. Always there is work "fixing issues with and making improvements to Malwarebytes 3" so basically the testing is pushed indefinitely... I cannot help as long as I am not sure what MBAM is , in fact, doing. Any proof of this statement??? Really? Waw !!!!
  13. You are right, this doesn't indicate neither failure nor success on the part of Malwarebytes. So, we want somebody to prove the success part. This is a common approach these days; 1. You want to get admitted to university? you have to bring your marks from high school ; just saying "I am smart" is not enough. 2. Want a new job ? you have to have credentials, again just saying (you, your mom and you friend) that you are the smartest one is not enough. If MBAM is so good that, at a certain time was advertised as "next antivirus replacement" why hesitation to participate in any external review?
  14. No. I never got infected while I used MBAM and MSE (3 years) The same is valid now, when I am using only MSE (100% detection on AV Test)(1 year and 6 months) So, your question is somehow irrelevant with the subject in hand.
  15. Was just a simple question about "when" or "if" MBAM intend to get tested against competition (as promised) Your approach of "believe and do not doubt" , by "millions of users" is rather religion than science.
  16. ...in AV Comparatives or AV Test??? A year ago the developers promised to find a way to participate in AV Comparatives or AV Test . Meanwhile , this seems to be a dead idea. So, has MBAM been ever tested anywhere / anyhow in recent years?? I remember in early days was a disaster in AV Comparatives. I used MBAM for years , with virtually ZERO detections in real time (except foe websites, most of them FP). Thanks!
  17. You will get absolutely the same result (zero infections) with any of the free AV available ; MSE /Defender, Avira, Avast, BitDefender, Kaspersky. There is this misconception that if you pay you get better protection.
  18. Yet, Emsisoft has only 99.1% detection rate in March 2018 AV Comparatives. The free MSE 4.10 did better , with 100%.
  19. Emsisoft relies on their behavior blocker (former Mamutu) to provide multiple "shields" Years ago , Mamutu was the best behavior blocker on the market.
  20. Question: "MBAM appears to lose it's UI." and "When I open the program the dashboard doesn't open" And the funny answer: "Can you also provide a screenshot ?" dcollins
  21. Known by who???? Are these "known" issues posted somewhere????
  22. HIPS by default has all basic settings ON, see attachment. Most likely you played with settings making ESET less effective. As you can see, there is an exploit blocker in ESET and a ransomware shield.
  23. There is no "higher than normal settings" in HIPS of ESET
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