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  1. You locked the topic so I have to create another one: About "Web Protection...how the list is maintained" 1. So, once the list is created, nobody ever will review it? Just wait for somebody to report a wrong block??? 2. Which one is your "hphosts" from ublock origin, see below: Thanks!
  2. Just take a look at Website blocking false positives: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/123-website-blocking/ 7 from 10 reported are indeed FPs. So, you can judge yourself...
  3. What I am running now , very table is Win7 64bit +MSE 4.10.209 (as my antivirus) + MBAM paid (but Web protection off) + PC Tools Firewall Plus (as firewall) (add all required exceptions) If you do not like PC Tools, you can use Windows Firefall Controll from Binisoft (is free now, is an interface for Windows firewall) As browser Firefox + Malwarebytes extension (is free) + ublock origin I had good results with ESET as antivirus , also Bitdefender free.
  4. MBAM is not an Antivirus! Doesn't have the capabilities of an Antivirus, regardless how is advertised on Malwarebytes site. So, get a good antivirus (not very sophisticated because will conflict one way or another with MBAM) and add MBAM paid. From my own experience of over 5 years running MBAM, I can say that I did not see any benefit running it on top of a good antivirus.
  5. Hello, For long time now, the FP's for Web Protection seems to be out of control. Just out of curiosity, look in the specific area of this forum and you will see that 7 out of 10 reported FP's are indeed FP's , with the well know answer "Thanks.Block is being removed" My question is how do you generate the list of blocked site OR where are you getting this list from??? With this amount of FP's, the Web Protection is very questionable if not equal to ZERO. In fact I disabled the Web protection on my PC and I use something else (ublock origin) Thanks!
  6. Malwarebytes has a "self protection module in Settings /Protection, so in theory soul be self protected to removal, bu who knows? I would run the uninstall tool provided by Malwarebytes (MBAM clean.exe) from here: And reinstall it from scratch.
  7. If Malwarebytes got removed without your knowledge or action, what is your best guess: should you be worried or not?
  8. DO NOT remove the telemetry!!!! Disabling the telemetry in settings doesn't stop MBAM sending data about your PC to their servers. This has been discussed and agreed upon on this forum.
  9. It is not only the telemetry; MBAM will establish over 18 connections to outside world , see here: So, unless you have a good firewall to selectively block the connections, nothing can be done! Still waiting for an official ansver from Malwarebytes.
  10. Thank you for your explanation. If you have any "connections" with Malwarebytes management , can you push this issue , please? Malwarebytes is connecting now (or is trying to connect) to at least 18 websites , so is very confusing to figure out which connection is legit, which is absolutely necessary and which is not. Thanks!
  11. I have Web protection disabled. However, I use Firefox with Malwarebytes browser extension 1.0.30
  12. Mbamservice.exe [C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-malware\Mbamservice.exe] is trying to connect to TCP port 80 to: cs9.wac.phicdn.net crl3.digicert.com crl4.digicert.com ocsp.digicert.com All these sites they do not seem to be related to Malwarebytes; So, are these connections legit or my Malwarebytes is compromised somehow? Thanks!
  13. It is not only this. By intentionally not detecting EICAR, MBAM reserves the right to say, down the road, that intentionally did not detect this or that for various reasons. Look for example of their anti exploit test file mbae-test.exe ; it is not detected by ANY antiexploit in the market but MBAM !!!! This is not classified as " an extremely outdated method of testing " and is OK , but Eicar not.
  14. Hello, Any news about what/where is MBAM communicating? I need these to create my firewall rules. Shouldn't be so complicated to ask the developers about something which is ALREADY implemented in MBAM.
  15. So, do we need the "Web protection" or not???? As long as "there is no software generating on the PC" , why have "web protection" and not wait for the "software to be generating on the PC" and be detected by the other shields?
  16. Are you using an antivirus??? Did your antivirus quarantine something??? Restore several items from Quarantine and check them on VirusTotal.
  17. Thanks, but I need specifics in order to create firewall rules.
  18. Hello, The question has been asked before but I did not get a clear cut answer. It seems like ever .exe from MBAM is trying to communicate OUT over internet: C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-malware\Mbam.exe TCP 443 to www.malwarebytes.com TCP 443 to cleo.mb-internal.com TCP 443 to links.malwarebytes.com C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-malware\Mbamtray.exe TCP 443 to cleo.mb-internal.com TCP 443 to www.malwarebytes.com TCP 443 to cdn.mwbsys.com TCP 443 to links.malwarebytes.com C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-malware\Mbamservice.exe TCP 443 to iris.mwbsys.com TCP 443 to my-device.malwarebytes.com TCP 443 to cdn.mwbsys.com TCP 443 to sirius.mwbsys.com TCP 443 to keystone.mwbsys.com C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-malware\Assistant.exe * communicates using Mbam.exe Can anybody clarify, please , why there is need for such "correspondence over the internet and which connection is ABSOLUTELY necessary for MBAM to work properly? Thanks! lock
  19. And all the other Researchers and Developers are stupid and still in the dark??? Malwarebytes did not discover anything: they simply bought whatever product was available on the market, (ransomware shield, antiexploit shield) In-house products (web shield. anomalous detection) are not quite successful, look at the amount of FPs in this forum ... (many reports with 100% anomalous detection which are FP's in fact) So, let's not exaggerate....
  20. Do you hear yourself??? Malwarebytes marketed as an AV replacement means "dich your antivirus and use only malwarebytes" nothing else! What happened with "Malwarebytes doesn't target older malwares than 6 months?
  21. MBAM has continually grown since v1.75 , adding various shields (by purchasing software) and today the compatibility is going to be the main issue with MBAM. Version 3.5 is very likely to interfere with any antivirus which is running on the same computer; adding the exceptions MAY solve the problems but this will introduce additional risks on your defense. Your antivirus has definition updates daily and major updates several times a year; this major updates are very likely to conflict with MBAM and again , developers have to workout a solution , over and over again. On long term this is not feasible. So, either MBAM will became as soon as possible a fully flagged antivirus (by buying a well known antivirus engine) OR slowly slowly user will abandon the software , keeping only one major Antimalware solution on their PC.
  22. What about installing an older version of MBAM which still accepts ID +KEY and after that update MBAM???
  23. You can use only the Antiexploit part of MBAM (which is free) on top of Defender. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/malwarebytes-anti-exploit/ Of course the full paid MBAM has more shields, however from my own experience of 5 years and 3 computers ,I never had a detection initiated by MBAM Pro before MSE (or Defender in Win10)
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