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  1. For the time being , BitDefender has 100% detection rate on Jan and Feb @ AVTest and 100% detection rate @ AV Comparative (Feb). That means it did not miss anything... Where is MBAM v3, in ANY test at your choice?????
  2. This should be settle in court or somewhere else, not on my PC , on a paid license....
  3. This has nothing to do with a REAL detection, it is just a long feud between MBAM and IOBIT. Whatever is between them , shouldn't affect the regular customer, IMHO, and denotes an unprofessional behavior.
  4. I would suggest reinstalling v2 until v3 has all faults ironed out; at 69 is not worth spending time to troubleshoot a problematic piece of software.
  5. Hi, See the attached: MBAM has 375,000K RAM, 14,215,000,000 I/O read , 768,000,000 I/O writes It is not going to stay long here....
  6. I shouldn't get infected , as long as I run MBAM Joke aside, at a certain point anybody would want to test the "new and improved" MBAM somehow, as long as MBAM refuses to participate in AVComparatives or AV Test . I ran v2 for years and I never got any detection before my AV (other than Web protection, most of the FP's). So, seems to be a legitimate question....
  7. EICAR is not a test anymore... Each and every AV would detect eicar based on signature, so eicar is basically "built-in" in each antivirus. I would like to have some sort of malware which would trigger MBAM; otherwise , is just a nice story about the "next replacement of your antivirus" BTW, MBAM is not tested on AT Comparatives or AV Test.
  8. So far I managed to have MBAM started at boot, without any problems; time to test it now : Web protection: hxxps:// would trigger an alert, so is good Exploit protection: Bank of Montreal somehow would trigger an exploit alert: https://www1.bmo.com/onlinebanking/cgi-bin/netbnx/NBmain?product=5 Malware protection: ??????? Ransomware protection: ?????? Open to any suggestions....
  9. ...but is the end of my patience with this whole "Web protection" thing.
  10. In my situation worked! See what I get if I click on
  11. Well, on VirusTotal , detection is 0/64 , so ZERO antimalware would block this IP.
  12. Not on "Web protection"; this is done based on a database list: poorly implemented list will result in poor detection yeah..... hide it and maybe nobody will notice it and you can still claim that MBAM 3 is "the next antivirus replacement"
  13. Regardless of the philosophy and the "proprietary" design, the result should be , more or less, in line with the rest of the players on the market. When I check 1,2, 3,....10 Web detections of MBAM on VirusTotal and the result is 1/64 (the "one" being MBAM) , who has the time to report endless FP's????
  14. 99% of detections triggered by Web Protection of MBAM, are not detected by any other antimalware (and I had NOD32 and Trend Micro) , so I do not know if it is a FP or different philosophy .... I posted before about that and I was told that Web protection doesn't detect this or that , only this and that, so I gave up.
  15. My question is why MBAM blocked the website (see attached) and VirusTotal has 0/64 detections, including Malwarebytes hpHosts???? Somehow, MBAM blocks websites based on a different criteria compared whit everybody else... this was valid also for v2
  16. Hi, I can trigger Web protection with :hxxps:// , however the same IP scanned on VirusTotal gives ZERO detections, including from Malwarebytes hpHosts https://www.virustotal.com/en/url/78372102536c758095364b0926c53973882b80acc0962c6f9403b8689fa36458/analysis/1490558553/
  17. Web protection work perfectly for :hxxps:// for example
  18. I do not think your test page is working properly! My "Web protection" works well if I try to download something using utorrent (I get a lot of alerts) but for your test page I get "This page cannot get displayed"
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