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  1. I too get this blocked. It seems to be blocking HxTsr.exe related to Office 2016. Domain: outlook.office365.com IP Address: Port: [59447] Log file attached. outlook-office365.txt
  2. Yes. Attached is an another temped right-click scan on 4/7/2017 at 08:22AM MST on a file named: svg-support.2.3.7.zip Last night after I exited MB and reloaded it, I was able to right-click all I wanted without any "scan in progress" dialog. This morning, I could not do that as MB performed a schedule scan at 03:16AM. I just now exited MB and I'm able to right-scan. (that is until the next schedule scan). logs.zip
  3. Devin, I did a context right-click scan on a zip file named: svg-support.2.3.7.zip around 11:55PM (MST) that failed due to the same error this thread is about. Something changed in Malwarebytes as this has never happened before. I was always able to right-click and do a scan. I use it all the time. I'm not sure when it started but it always fails (see my reply on March 28). There's a pattern to it. logs.zip
  4. If I click on SCAN within Malwarebytes, it does start a scan. I can then cancel it and do a right-click scan on a file. Or exit Malwarebytes and restart it, then I'm able to right-click for a file scan. But, the pattern it seems is that after every scheduled scan (which runs daily - and is a default setup from Malwarebytes) I can not right-click and run a file scan. However, after resetting Malwarebytes (exit and restart) AND prior to the scheduled scan, I'm able to right-click scan.
  5. I can confirm this is a problem. I use the context menu to scan an individual file all the time and for the past month I've had to exit Malwarebytes and reload it in order to do a scan. I finally just did a search to see if anyone else was having the same problem. According to Malwarebytes dashboard, there is no scan in progress.
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