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  1. Is it possible to get an update on this? Been trying pretty hard to keep it clean for the past couple months.
  2. Whoa hey, a necrobump and I didn't even get an email notification about my site being blocked when you give out a free 2 week trial of premium to all MBAM users, causing the biggest shutdown to my website I've seen in a while. Well, that file has been removed for about 4 days now, You guys were just quicker on the draw than my scanner (ironically I use Malware Bytes to scan my user's files). Would appreciate a declassification, and maybe an email to admin@catbox.moe next time? <3
  3. Can I get any kind of update? You guys haven't even provided proof of what malware I was "distributing". I acknowledged that some had slipped past scanning (with Malware Bytes nonetheless), but was cleaned on the next with manual deletion.
  4. 10 days since this thread was posted, and over a month since the block. Can I get an update?
  5. Round two, since my previous thread got no replies for a month. Once again requesting my site be de-listed. Malware scans are done daily (with malware bytes, none the less), but a lapse in scanning on one day allowed a couple files to be uploaded and burst downloaded. Please don't link me a virustotal page asking me to look at the "Latest detected files that communicate with this IP address" field. I'm a file hosting site. Just because a program pulls a file from me doesn't mean I'm distributing malware. It can be as benign as a jpg or text file.
  6. Week 2 of no reply and still being blocked. This is just getting unprofessional.
  7. Bumping. It's been over a week and I'm still malware free. This is really hurting my traffic.
  8. All of the files on that page (that are actually malicious, and aren't just generic "malware site" listings) have been removed for the past 3 days. A lapse in my malware scanning allowed a blitz of uploads to be spread (i.e. ORDER LIST 2017.JPG.zip uploads).
  9. I'd appreciate being removed from the block list. A scan as of this posting with MalwareBytes shows no malware on any of Catbox's files. I'm sure this is in relation to an issue I had with Spamhaus a few days back. Its since been resolved. Thanks.
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