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  1. Quick question: I'm concerned that someone hacked my computer through a backdoor after acquiring my IP. Is there anything I can do to prevent such a thing from happening? Fixlog.txt
  2. Quick question: I'm concerned that someone hacked my computer through a backdoor after acquiring my IP. Is there anything I can do to prevent such a thing from happening? Addition.txt FRST.txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt MB Scan.txt
  3. My system closed my applications and signed me out without me telling it to. This happened just a few minutes after someone on an online game threatened to hack my system, I don’t know if this is possible for them to do but I would like to make sure something isn’t wrong
  4. Hello, Ran the EST scanner, took about 8 hours to finish, computer died halfway thru but after keeping it plugged in, the scan finally finished. There was no blue button available to select 'save log' but no threats were detected. I'll be sure to run a disc check soon, thank you for your help, is there some way I can donate to you?
  5. Thank you for the fixlist, I disabled windows defender, but it turned itself back on during the frst scan. As a result, I can't guarantee that the fixlist did everything it was supposed to, but I did turn it back off mid-scan so I guess we'll see. I'll run the system for a couple hours, see if there's any marked improvements. As far as I know, svchost.exe has never crashed like that before. I do know that my hard drive is damaged however, and my system has had some corruption issues in the past. Is there something I can do to manage this issue of my system getting corru
  6. Was downloading an open-source game from the mega website, but when the download was completed, my laptop got very slow. Couldn't click out of the web browser, or get ctrl+alt+del to bring up the security screen. I figured if there was a virus coming across my internet, I ought to shut it off asap. After internet had been disconnected for 1-2 minutes, laptop returned to normal, and game was not present in my download folder, assuming it crashed when the laptop got very slow. I put the laptop in safe mode + networking (even though my internet doesn't work in this mode even though it should), an
  7. The system is sluggish, my non-admin account signs in automatically but maybe thats by design? I was on this forum previously and one of your kind technicians helped me, but I didnt follow up with them. The system started acting normally again, but now it seems worse than before. I have also been told on this forum, in the past while using a windows repair tool, that I have a bad driver. Could this be the cause of my low CPU, and odd system quirks? Thank you and have a nice day
  8. No 'Clean' log was created in adwcleaner when I scanned, it only provided a basic log when I chose to 'skip basic repair,' since you did not say whether or not a basic repair was necessary. As for the offline scan, I am confused by which logs to send you so I will DM all concerning logs to you. Attached here will be only my log from adwcleaner. AdwCleaner[S02].txt
  9. Hello, my internet connection has been very slow, my disk usage is ramped up, and I noticed that Tamper Protection in Windows Security was turned off. There are also Windows Updates pending to download, but it also says the last time my system checked was when I was using my laptop in the morning. Anyways, please check out the attached logs, I have been here before and know you about FRST, here is the frst log and the addition log Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. Also, I had moved the potentially compromised files to an external hard drive when I had assumed it was safe. I zipped it beforehand, and I would like to walk through scanning that external device as well, just in case
  11. Hi so I was sent potentially compromised files and I wanted to make sure it was safe. I read your reply a couple hours ago and belived it was safe, but then I received these logs from my malwarebytes trial warning of trojans from an outbound connection. Can you help me with this? Additionally, in my search bar there was a forums.malwarebyes.com, misspelled, and my malwarebytes program noted it was a case of fraud and I should avoid the site. I dont recall accidentally going to this site last night, but it may just be sitting in there from a mistake on my part while typing the website mont
  12. heres the logs, thanks for your help Addition.txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt FRST.txt malwarebyteslog.txt
  13. Got joe logs right here, didn't pick up the logs for Malwarebytes they were just taking too long. Addition.txt AdwCleaner[S5].txt FRST.txt
  14. Got the FRST logs right here. Thank you for all your help! Addition.txt FRST.txt
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