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  1. I love Linux too. But there just aren't enough users to make it profitable. I've been excited that Malware Bytes has Mac & Android platform.
  2. It's just interesting because Malwarebytes already has web protection, but I assume this will help with the pup extensions, adware, & malware extensions that can be out of the scope of most security products. ?
  3. Okay, I don't use Firefox, but was curious
  4. I saw this. https://www.ghacks.net/2018/01/13 Legitimate?
  5. I believe Malwarebytes has already commented on why they detect it as a PUP. Not sure why we have to beat a dead horse.
  6. Yes you can use it as usual. Go ahead and click on otl.exe and click on the cleanup button. Go to Start --> Accessories --> System Tools ---> System Resotre and create a new restore point.
  7. Well i want to make sure eventlog is running Go to Start --> Run ---> Type services.msc and press enter. Make sure you see eventlog in the services and that its running. Let me know otherwise. Thanks
  8. Good, we just need to uninstall ComboFix Go to Start ---> Run ---> Type ComboFix /uninstall and press enter.
  9. Go to Start ---> Type Run ---> Type sc start eventlog and press enter. Let me know if you get any errors. I've attached a file call associationsfix.zip, please extract associationsfix.reg to your desktop. Double-click on associationsfix.reg and allow it to be merged into windows registry. Reboot the machine. Run another scan with mbam and post the log. How is everything running? associationfix.zip
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