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  1. I'm stucking at Version: and update package 1.0.5338. It can not update the update package.
  2. Dont know how to explain .... i just gone mad after get a dowgrade version then i turned off my laptop and drink some coffee. When all done, i got back to resolve the restart loop like what u had told me, and amazing thing is the setup started to work after i turn on my laptop again ! Thank to all ur guys/girls help by the way
  3. Thank to ur help Porthos, but i dont know how its been up to date now. but version 3.2.2 setup keeping require restart to install and then when my laptop start up again its stil said require restart before install again ...
  4. Ok i did downgrade to 3.0.6 but yeah stil stuck ! Cause the setup of 3.2.2 force me restart my laptop over and over ! Whats going on !!!
  5. Its stil fine in today morning but when i start my laptop again and press checking update its stuck at downloading step although my internet stil good (its mean there is a new update package version to be downloaded) and then its back to normal (its said that updates: current). I was keeping hit to check update and its stil keep stuck at Downloading. My update package version: 1.0.3019
  6. Oh yes scanning is back like a hopeful dove at the dawn but the Web Protection stil "sleeping" at starting and the Malware Protection just manual turned on only (automatically be turned off when opened program). I have a good star for MWB. Work hard and efficiently !
  7. Ok I just re-installed and clear all files related even clear cache but stil not work. Ive done.
  8. Its just come to me for 14 minutes ago. I really dont know what thing need to be done for now...
  9. I dont know its blank when i openned and i just add 2 hosts which is in ur link
  10. Sorry Ron, its my fault, i thought the free version is the Current version but not (and this is really really weird either)
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