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  1. will my auto renewal simply work..or do i have to trouble shoot that too? i made sure my credit was up to date by changing the 3 digit number on the card to the new one on my renew file
  2. my malwarebytes icon is at the bottom of my screen, says its active..but theres still a little red exclamation point on it. is that just because the 7 days left or what? my auto renewal better still be active
  3. ok, this seemed to have worked,thanks. but what was the update? do i have to worry about this every time i do an update?
  4. hold on. is it that simple or theres a step you arent telling me? I need detailed step by step. I dont want this to turn into trouble shooting the trouble shoot lol. will my windows defender turn back on too? was it on before? as dumb as these questions may be to you..i'm frustrated!
  5. my desk top icon doesnt work. I cant click on it,it doesnt bbring up my malwarebytes box
  6. I need immediate help! ok, my auto renewal is coming up in 7 days ! I had a update that kept bugging me to be installed for about 3 weeks. I ignored it because the last one was trouble too! so, after making sure my auto renewal was ready.. I gave in and installed the update. All that censoreding did was turn off my malwarebytes and my windows defender ! I am sick and tired of every censoreding time i install an update or renew something I have to trouble shoot crap with no phone customer support! someone help me solve this immediately! I censoreding hate technolog
  7. OK, it seems to be working. Thanks for the help but this did take much longer than by phone would have. dude, so you are telling me you do this for free? then that proves this entire thing even more sub par. Theres no employees helping anyone. you dont tell someone who is displeased with sub par service to be nice. I'm not the employee, its not my job to make you feel good. Its your job to make me feel good. look, I get it, I worked in various forms of customer service but you have to sit and take it and you dont hide behind a phone or computer telling the person they have one
  8. i installed it...now you want me to restart before I put in key? do I check the license key box or not as well?
  9. so..now I click on activate license and put code in there? do I check the license key box or not?
  10. lol see I told you, this would f up... I already deleted that file before I uninstalled. You in fact did not tell me to keep it. You didnt mention that step. now what dammit!
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