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  1. First you MUST reboot the phone, the malware is in memory. Then capture packets on the router and see if you have connections made to the above-mentioned 3 IP addresses. Other than that no idea, as the package does not show up in any GUI app. Maybe some native Android apps have the capacity to capture its packets, but i am not sure.
  2. Another thing to keep in mind: If the phone is reset to factory defaults this malware will re-deploy. So in that case do not connect it to any network until it is removed and the phone restarted.
  3. Well it seems it can be uninstalled using the method from here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/6ftg72/want_to_completely_disableuninstall_those_pesky/ In this case the commands are these: adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.android.telephone adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 10 com.android.telephone In this device it was installed both for user '10' (Guest) and the current user '0'.
  4. So. BAD news again. THEY DID LISTEN! BUT NOT HOW WE THOUGHT ... It seems that in the new firmware they just replaced their SystemUI malware with a better one. Changelog should read: 1. Enhanced Protection Against Malware Probably they have an issue expressing themselves in English . Or this is a standard policy in China. So, new headline: Cubot Rainbow firmware-embedded malware (firmware version CUBOT_RAINBOW_E6021C_V01_20160517_210258) This malware is provided by a dedicated (i suppose) package which is hidden (it does not show up on any GUI, not
  5. Well i sent an email to them too asking for a firmware without ads after i started this thread. I even linked them this thread... It seems that they do listen sometimes...
  6. I did the update. Good news. The systemui apk file has 0/56 virustotal score! Other than that they included some new software - Google Duo and Browser stands out at first glance. Now i will have to see if something happens ...
  7. Well. It seems that a firmware update was released on 2017-05-26 and pushed via the wireless update, we noticed only now. It has 2 items in changelog: a line colored red saying "Enhanced protection against malware" and some minor bug fixes. One can hope they mean that they removed this crap. I will apply the update later when the phone is available and report back.
  8. I tried uploading it to virustotal and Malwarebytes does not detect it there. I would expect all mobile antivirus solutions to work with virustotal since we can get a better picture in a few seconds instead of installing a ton of anti malware apps. BTW after the yesterday's "outbreak" i removed the "SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW" permission (that is the permission that lets a window cover everything permanently, used by this kind of malware to force the user to actually tap a button) from systemui and since then no more popups... May be a coincidence, may not. Will see. adb shell pm revoke com.
  9. Well it started happening again. Now i don't know if there is another modified system/google component that has access, the systemui has built in stuff that does stuff regardless of net access or maybe NetGuard doesnt always work (after switching networks?) - one day about 2-3 weeks ago the NetGuard app probably crashed (no status icon) and for about 7 hours the phone was connected to the net with no limitations. Today we saw that an apk was downloaded from somewhere and full screen messages started appearing. I wonder that Chrome itself may be compromised too... Anyway, this su
  10. Hi, I asked Cubot too. Well i got the Exact same answer you got (in an implicit admission): -Some Fota upgrade or No Root firewall. Now the Fota link they sent was not working. They seem to provide the Adups Fota data collection tool (which is built in the Wireless Update tool) that besides the actulal updates can do some presonal data collection. Note that this is done surreptitiously in the background and the data us sent to the same servers the updates come from. There was a scandal about it in the US where they stopped the data collection by an update (which BTW can just as
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