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  1. Hi, Maurice, I'm back as promised and pleased to give you a good report from Malwarebytes. Heard from their tech guy, "Jason", with a free License Key" for a one-year subscription. Put it on her laptop and now she's in business -- out with the free version and on with the Premium! I would have done the same for a customer trying for almost 3 hours trying to buy my software product. So, I thank Malwarebytes! Again, I truly appreciate you for being a faithful sounding board and advisor during this long process. It meant a lot to me, and I am grateful. Cordially, Robert C. 3:30 p.m. 7/15/17
  2. Maurice, I truly appreciate your help, believe me! This whole escapade has been a nightmare, and I'm tired of my wife raising hell about a screw up on such a simple effort to purchase a piece of software with a credit card. She no longer likes Malwarebytes - but I'm trying my best to get it done for I've had the product for years on my desktop computer and love it. I have printed out your response above and will try again Monday afternoon. Will let you know what happens. And again, thanks for being there for someone to talk to and getting advice. RobertCope 4:55 p.m. EST 7/14/19
  3. Thank you, Ron, for writing. Got an email from one of your guys. Wanted me to " Reply Above the Line." Easier said than done! Could not do. No space to click on. Today may wife got an email from you all. Looks like she could buy the Premium version and leave your free version. But no, you (or2Checkout) wanted her to use a different credit card or PayPal or other card, despite what your email said. And we do not want to Fax with all info and a photo ID. If she can't use MasterCard, she said to just forget it. I have spent way too much time on this for something that's pretty simple to do. Ever since I clicked on Upgrade for her on her free version, it's been nothing but trouble. Think you are should drop "2Checkout" and go back to Cleverbridge or Digital River or other one that can handle Upgrade purchases better. Finally, it's a good thing I'm writing you instead of my wife., if you know what I mean. Will give you her email address that was used, but not here. Robert C. 7/14/19 2:50 p.m.
  4. Maurice. Have written down the link above and I'll go to my wife's laptop, etc. to see what we can do. If this doesn't work, I'll give up. She'll stay with Free -- or I'll uninstall the Free version and start over again. This is taking just too much of my time --- and the problem is on Malwarebytes side (company they use to handle purchases). 7/11/19 7:29 p.m.
  5. Thanks for your response, Maurice. As info, This was for my wife's laptop. I went into her Malwarebytes free version and clicked on "Upgrade" or something to that effect. I put in the email address she likes to use, her name, MasterCard account #, expiration date, security code, etc . Click on "Order" or something like that. I check her email (later others) to see if she had the License and Key. Nothing there In a few seconds a red box came up and said could not process-- to check with bank or credit card company to see what was the problem. I called MasterCard -- they said I had a balance of $39.99 and the merchant was "2COCOM*MALWAREBYT." I told them to cancel (deny) the charge, as I had not gotten a confirmation or information to get her the paid version. It looked like I was being charged and getting nothing! So, that's what happened -- a waste of about an hour or so of my time and hers. I've had this software on my desktop and have never run into anything like this before on any online purchase. 7/11/19 3:15 p.m.
  6. My wife has been running Malwarebytes Free Version for a few weeks. Today, we decided to Upgrade to paid version. Tried to buy with credit card with all required info. Was denied ! Checked with my card company card and they said a $39.99 charge was made! Told them to cancel this, as something was wrong!..Never got an email, etc. with a License ID or Key Number. What is going on here? Everything was done correctly. Guess she'll just have to stick with the FREE version. 7/10/19 7:10 p.m.
  7. Working on my wife's laptop this afternoon (Windows 10 Home Version), I got notice of download for the new Malwarebytes version 3.7.1 Premium like I have on my desktop. However, when it came up it wanted to give her a 14-day trial on the 3.7.1. She already had the previous version 3.6.1 Premium with License ID and Key #'s which was never to expire. So, what is happening here? Malwarebytes is no longer doing what it promised, or is some "newbie" at the company trying to charge us again? Thanks for any insight you can give.
  8. By the way, Devin. What antivirus software works best with Malwarebytes? During the years I've used Norton, Zone Alarm, Web Root, and a couple of others. RobertCope 9/3/18 7:04 p.m. EST
  9. Thanks again, Devin. Glad the Support Tool got through. Everything seems to be O.K. now -- I hope! Will know later and/ or tomorrow when I log back on, etc. (This foul up also screwed up my connection to the internet (Firefox) and some email addresses.) But I sincerely thank you for your help and guidance. RobertCope 9/3/18 7:00 p.m. EST
  10. Thanks for your response, Devin. Will do. I had thought Avast may have had something to do with this foul up. By the way , did my Support Tool findings get though? Dragged it over from the Desktop and dropped it in. It downloaded but don't see it there. Just curious. Thanks again! RobertCope 93/18 3:50 p.m. EST
  11. Hope this wombst-grab-results.ziprks. Have run the Support Tool and have it on my desktop. Will try to "choose file" and see if it will drop in here.
  12. Good afternoon. Per subject above, the problem started several days ago. If I click on this software, nothing happens --just spins and spins. Then I can't get back to my home page. Also, cannot shut down my desktop computer the normal way -- I have to hold down the Dell start button and hold for a few seconds. Just guessing here but an update to my Avast antivirus may have had something to do with this. Anyway, this is the only problem I've had with Malwarebytes in years, except for one of my protection keys turning off by itself for awhile some months ago. Any suggestions or help you can offer will be appreciated. RobertCope 9/2/18
  13. Good evening. Had our 2 computers serviced today. In taking Malwarebytes off start-up, we now cannot connect to the service when we click on the desktop Malwarebytes icon. We both have the premium versions and have our Key #s and ID's. Can you give us some advice/input on how we can get them back on where we can check on them several times a week for updates and scans? Thanks, Robert Cope 2/4/18 7:00 p.m.
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