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  1. In order for me to understand..... Does that mean that Malwarebytes is pushing the update to my computer in error? Is my version up to date & the most current version. i.e. offering best protection? If yes, should just ignore the daily pop up from Malwarebytes or do something else?
  2. Okay, thanx. I did that and the files are attached to this note. Cheers, Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. Update pushed out by Malwarebytes will not complete - - - generates an error message. Current version is; update being pushed to my PC is v3.1.6.4169. The message i get is that update cannot complete due to currently installed version not being compatible with update. I've always updated in the past...what's wrong? How can this be resolved? I've attached the error message. malwarebytes.3.21.2017.2.doc
  4. AN update was pushed out, but update fails - indicates that incompatible malwarebytes version currently installed; installation cannot proceed. Current version is & update is to v3.0.6.1469. What's wrong? malwarebytes.3.21.2017.2.doc
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