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  1. As per the notification it states might and usually that is when it is chosen to be done by the end user. It does not state it will force a reboot.
  2. This really makes me regret buying another year. I was in a long transfer 3 hours in and I decided to install malwarbytes update due to a pop up. No problem BUT wait there is a 10 minute forced reboot. Now guaranteed one of my files is corrupted. Forced reboots are and always have been a bad idea. Windows does it and everyone flips out. You should know better. Stupid, Stupid idea.
  3. I keep getting this alert Android System Malwarebytes is draining the battery. I could turn off real time protection but the really defeats the point of having the app installed and paying for premium. My phone is oneplus 8 running android 11. Any ideas on settings without disabling app.
  4. If an app offers itself for free and then makes big claims about issues then wants money is a pup. Then your own apps behavior makes your app a pup. It installs for free then wants money. Your pup attitude is a bit self righteous. When they are registry results I could find no easy fix. The fast fix is to ignore the results which leads to the value of the product nuisance error reporting pop ups daily. That can't be fixed. I need not be a pro at your app you need to be a pro creating the app and making it easy for those whom use it and disagree with it. Make it simpler to i
  5. I have had this problem for a couple of months so this is just trying obfuscate the severity of it. I followed the uninstall reinstall support suggests on another post and had to wait a week to reactivate because I had hit the limit. Was told to make sure I deactivate after I followed the directions that never mention to deactivate. Smart. Since I have never seen, heard or read anywhere to deactivate first or that it was even an option. Giving me crap after the fact is bad business. But malwarebytes most likely does not like me becuase I have lifetime licenses and at one
  6. Malware protection turns off for me on a regular basis. I open the app and turn it back on and it does. Yet I do find this to be inconvenient and created an account just to post this issue. Makes me wonder if i am under attack. Disabling protection is the best way to attack. After reading here I see it is just an issue with the app. I hope it gets fixed soon. I may become complacent.
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