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  1. Wonderful! Thanks so much again Kevin! Have a great day!
  2. So I went ahead and ran Sophos and it looks like it all came back clean! Thank you so very much Kevin. I really do appreciate all the help you gave me.
  3. Here's the Fixlog, as requested! Everything seems to be working just fine now. Is there anything I can do to be absolutely sure there's no Malware still on the computer? Thank you once again for all the help Kevin! I really do appreciate it! Fixlog.txt
  4. I believe so. But just to be on the safe side, I ran it again. Here are the most recent FRST logs. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. Woops! Completely my mistake! So, kinda interesting little happy mistake: I ran FRST in safe mode, exported those logs. Then, just for hoots, I ran MBar. It found a surprising 58 items! So I went ahead and eliminated them. Then restarted in normal mode, tried running MalwareBytes to no avail. So I ran MBar again and it came up empty! Then I ran uninstalled and reinstalled MalwareBytes and tada! It opened! I scanned and it came up with six-thousand-something suspicious threats. So I quarantined and deleted them. Restarted the computer, and ran MalwareBytes again and it came up empty! I just ran MBar again and it came up empty as well. I went ahead and attached all my reports from all of the programs I used. What's your opinion on the matter Kevin? Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes Report.txt RogueKiller Report.txt
  6. Hi again Kevin! So I booted up in safe-mode and ran Farbar. The two requested logs are in the attachments. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  7. Hello there Kevinf80! Thanks in advance for the assistance! I got up to step seventeen there, but it's the same problem unfortunately! The same two Malware appear in the mbar report after scanning. I go to clean them up, and it says complete. Then I restart the computer and scan again, and the same two malwares show up! Additionally, I can't continue with the rest of the steps because it still doesn't let me open up MalwareBytes. I've attached the requested logs from MBar. Please let me know what you think and what the next step oughta be! Thanks again! system-log.txt mbar-log-2017-03-20 (22-26-26).txt
  8. Hi all! So it looks like I got infected by a pretty nasty little piece of malware. It won't let me open up MalwareBytes or CCleaner. When I attempt to, it gives me the error message, "The Requested Resource is in use." It does however allow me to run MalwareBytes Anti-Root Kit or 'mbar'. When I do so, it first eliminated 7 infections. But since then, every time I scan, there are two links which simply will not be deleted. They are: C://Program Files (x86)/regtool --> [Rogue.RegTool] And C:/Program Files (x86)/regtool/regtool.exe(Rogue.Reg Tool) I went ahead and followed the guidelines listed on this page here. And included both the FRST and Addition logs. Additionally, I noticed in my task manager that there are two tasks running, both called "client". I can not close either, nor will it allow me to find their processes. Thank you so much in advance for any help you can offer! Addition.txt FRST.txt

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