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  1. Daykain

    Malware Found on HitMan Pro

    Yeah, I ended up resetting the PC because of that. I couldn't find the reason why I kept getting logged in. Thanks for the response though.
  2. Daykain

    Malware Found on HitMan Pro

    Here's the HitMan Pro log. HitmanPro_20170320_0903.log
  3. Hey guys, So I was scanning my desktop last night after finding out the stuff I downloaded was a virus. I downloaded the mbar program and it saw and fixed like 80 threats. After the restart I did malwarebytes which did like 3.8k threats, adw cleaner which did like 80 threats, and then finally the JRT which removed 3 things. I ran each of the scans twice to make sure that there were no threats left on the system. After seeing that there were no threats, I ran the HitMan Pro program that I saw on the other threads and got 2 threats. I ran the other programs again and they couldn't find the malware at all. I attached the Farbar Text document into this post. FRST.txt Addition.txt

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