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  1. Hi Team, Wich type of Authentication we are supporting on MBARW proxy setting installation ? msiexec /i MBARW_Business_Setup.msi /quiet WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS=”/EnableProxy=yes /Port=19231 /Server=proxy.yourcompany.com /User=webuser /pass=webpass” is the command line from Admin guide. Could we use AD authentication or need a Proxy local user Account ? What we try without any good issue : msiexec /i MBARW_Business_Setup.msi /quiet WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS=”/EnableProxy=yes /Port=19231 /Server=proxy.yourcompany.com /User=DomainName\user /pass=w
  2. Hi, They have Kaspersky Select. Try to jump onto MBEPP Best regards
  3. Thx Alex, We have check with the customer, the update was not done from Mricosoft on MBES protected Network, on is MB3 computer there is no problem. Regards
  4. Hi My customers ask us if we are protected with MBES On the blog of Malwarebytes they said : UPDATE (as of 1/04/18): Since the Malwarebytes Database Update 1.0.3624 (MB3 Premium Version), all Malwarebytes users are able to receive the Microsoft patch to mitigate Meltdown. But on MBES we have not the same Release : See the file Database version v2018 01.08.03 Where can we found the the information ? Regards
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