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  1. I used the website exclusion in Settings and entered the websites in several different ways - with http, with www and without www. Then I navigate to the site and the page times out. However, if I disable web protection, I can then navigate to the site.
  2. Hi, Am hoping to get some help. I just purchased/upgraded to v.3.06.1469. I also used the clean program and also performed a clean uninstall of v2 and reboot before installing v3. However, I've entered a few website exclusions but Malwarebytes 3 still blocks me from getting to the sites. I have to turn off web protection in order to get to the sites. (This also happened when I was on v2, and one of the reasons why I upgraded) But the exclusions are still not working in v3. Will this be fixed soon? Or is there a resolution for this? Thanks in advance
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