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  1. Windows 7 Sp3 Firefox 78.0 which is set to prompt me if an update is available (i.e. NO automatic updates !!!) MBAM 4.1 with Lifetime License. Firefox prompted that an update was available and I clicked the button on the 'About Firefox' popup window to upgrade. MBAM kicked in when the update had been completed in the background. Firefox.lnk or the Firefox.exe would not run !!! Disabling 'Ransomware Protection' I downloaded the latest Firefox update from Mozilla and applied the install. All ran as it should, I then re-enabled the 'Ransomware Protection' on MBAM. All works OK with no messages from MBAM !!!
  2. Same again with the automatic update from Firefox 77.0.1 to 78.0.1. MBAM Update package Version 1.0.26255 Component package Version 1.0.972 Flags up the following Message & then Firefox will not start !!! Malware.Ransom.Agent.Generic, C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe, Blocked If I disable the 'Ransomware Protection" I can install Firefox 78.0.1 from Mozilla site and it installs and runs OK. I can then re-enable 'Ransomware Protection' with no ill effects !!! Log file attached. FireFoxRansomware.zip
  3. If you install Avast first it WILL complain about MB when it is installed. (The usual line about 'Multiple AV programs' conflicting etc.) If you install MB first Avast does not complain!!! With mutual exclusions in each program I have been running both for some time. I have been able to update both MB and Avast with no problems once they have been installed in the order mentioned. Currently running Avast 17.7.2314 with MB with no known conflicts. (As mentioned in this thread Avast Behavior Shield can sometimes NOT start after a re-boot but can be started via the Avast Shields Control menu.)
  4. NissanPower, Thanks for the post. Sort of proves the point of my warning of 'Might' conflict. I have not got this problem BUT did have another 'Transient' one that could not be replicated by Avast. I agreed to put it down to PEBCAK as I could not prove otherwise !!! [Running Windows 7 Pro Sp1 64-bit + Avast Free 17.3.2291 (Build 17.3.3443.0) + Malwarebytes Premium (Component Pkg 1.0.69, Update Pkg 1.0.1660+) ]
  5. *** Follow-up 06/04/2017 *** Still all working as it should no problems with updates or rebooting the PC. Looking very good !!! Thanks for the hard work getting 3.0.6 fixed. (Makes a change from a moan )
  6. I had the same quirk when installing over the 3.0.5 version. There was a pop-up message stating the the PC need to be re-booted to remove the old version but on reboot it did not continue the install and the old version (3.0.5) was still there and running !!! I assumed it was something 'odd' on my machine and did a clean install after using the 'mb-clean-' tool, this worked perfectly.
  7. Just a quick note to advise that the new CU4 Beta appears to fix my problems ....... [Fingers crossed :)] Performed install on Win7 Sp1 [All latest Updates etc], after running 'mb-clean-' to ensure clean install. 1. For the 1st time my license key is accepted without having to upgrade via ver 2.x or 3.0.5. 2. The Update packages ae being downloaded as per 3.0.5 (which was working for me !!!) 3. Re-booting the PC does NOT reset the version to 3.0.0 which 3.0.5 did. 4. The (?) ("Get more information") links are working on dashboard etc Overall looking good !!! Just need to wait for the longer term stability to be tested. (i.e. wait a few days ) Thanks for the update.
  8. Problem not fixed !!! I have got the same problem after 3.0.6 has been working for less than 2 days !!! [No updates to any software etc to explain sudden stop !!!] [The log errors are the same 'POST failure' & "Received a [-10] response from Keystone. This isn't one of the expected httpStatus returns." error.] I have tried re-installing after performing a 'Deactivate license' & 'mb-clean' etc, it does not work ..... again. I cannot spend anymore time on this so have rolled back to 3.0.5 which is working and updating 'Component Package' and 'Update Package' as it should. I will wait a while for 3.0.6 to evolve to a better version !!!
  9. @TempLost Thanks for this info. I have updated my setup appropriately !!! Every little helps !!!
  10. Me neither, but there is always a 'could' if both companies do not specifically test and confirm they will not. If Malwarebytes can have difficulty getting 3.x stable for everyone I am sure 2 unconnected S/W companies can 'trip over' each other. [Remember we are talking about software running on 'MS Windows' which can trip over 'itself' on a bad day !!! ) Considering the amount of software I installed/de-installed as part of my work when I tested 'builds' for 'roll-outs' etc, and how fine the difference was between working or not working, I am quite impressed at how stable windows can be at best. Unfortunately, when windows goes 'flakey' it can be a real pain tracking down the exact conflict that breaks the build. I hugely empathise with the support people trying to diagnose the 'problem' with failing installs etc. [Been there and done that many many years ago ]
  11. @ChromeDome FYI: [To assist you in making an informed decision.] I am a User of both Avast & Malwarebytes. If you install Malwarebytes 1st and try to install Avast it will display a message stating that 'Multiple AV/AM packages are installed and Avast recommend the removal of any other software'. This is a 'Back covering' message from Avast in case there are any interactions causing crashes etc. If you install Avast 1st then install Malwarebytes there is no message from Avast. !!! I have been running Avast & Malwarebytes together on Win 7 Sp1 for years and not had any problem, BUT it is possible for there to be interaction between AV/AM software. [Please realise that Avast regularly update their software just like Malwarebytes so it is possible for there to be a conflict IF both parties do not explicitly state that they will run together !!!] AFAIK: Both Avast and Malwarebytes do not state they WILL run together !!! The risk is yours ...... Just be aware of the possibility there may be a conflict in the future and assess your ability to survive a PC 'Crash/Hang' I repeat that I DO run both together but I am aware I am taking a risk and ensure that I have regular backups etc to cover me in case there is a problem caused by a 'Crash/Hang' at the 'Wrong' time. Hope this helps !!!
  12. Maurice, Thanks for the advice. Sorry for not mentioning the OS type/version. FYI: It is in the MBAMSERVICE.LOG, the 'Service controller Initalisation' messages list the found OS/Ver. 198 "Service Controller starting controller initialization" 199 "Product code MBAM-C" 202 "OS Version Windows 7 Service Pack 1" I tried what you said but it did not work. I tried a clean install in a new Win 7 Sp1 Virtual Machine to eliminate the impact of any other software. This did work and showed that the latest Update Package was 1541 I retried the install on my PC using the original 'mb3-setup-consumer-', and this worked, got Update Package 1541. I assume that the POST error had been fixed at Malwarebytes end of the link ??? PROBLEM FIXED !!! Thanks for your assistance / pointer to a solution.
  13. Thanks Bomberh, I know what you mean I had reverted to Version 2 when 3.0.4 had problems. I then tried 3.0.5 that eventually installed with UPDATES working !!! [Although i think the problem may have been the updates are not 'pushed' en mass but in batches ???] I will be patient and see where this goes ......... I can always go back to Version 2 until Ver 3 evolves
  14. Here are my Logs. [To assist problem solving efforts] Clearly shows Ver 3.0.5 working and downloading the update to 'Component Package' and 'Update Package' When the update to 3.0.6 is downloaded and installed, then future updates fail. !!! [From MBAMSERVICE.LOG] "SDK/Controller package is downloaded and installed by ver "DB/ClsEng package is downloaded and installed by ver Line 679 onwards: ===> 920 "A New version (3.0.6) of pkg [mbam-c.installer.consumer] (FULL) is available" & downloaded. Line 884 : ===> 322 "General Error - HTTP POST failed" Line 885 : ===> 1304 "Exception details: msg=Permission denied, name=I/O error, what=I/O error, cls=class Poco::IOException" Line 886 : ===> 704 "Received a [-10] response from Keystone. This isn't one of the expected httpStatus returns." Logs.zip
  15. I have previously had Malwarebytes 3.0.5 installed and working !!! I have received a software update that has upgraded the software to Once upgraded the Dashboard states that the 'Updates are not current'. No matter how many times I try to update, no updates are found. On Version, I was on 'Component Package 1.0.75' and 'Update Package 1.0.1535' I am now on at Version 'Component Package 1.0.75' and 'Update Package 1.0.1394' Should i be getting the updates ? How do I fix this ?
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