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  1. No disrespect to you but you obviously missed my post on the mistaken link post (which I corrected). My intention was to post the Microsft link, but I made a boo-boo, as I stated in my post, which you would know if you read the whole thread before jumping to hate on me. Really doesn't anybody have a life out there?
  2. No you just scream at the programmers and become a troll - refusing to let anything go - lol. Someone finally gets it. For all the haters that can't help but hate, let's just agree to disagree, you aren't going to convince me and I'm not going to convince you, such is life. You feel slighted by MB and I think you are acting like a small selfish ignorant child. We all have opinions..
  3. @Dragontech All I can say is awesome post, much more PC than my posts. It is nice to finally hear from someone who is a true IT professional. cheers!
  4. You are correct, I had several tabs open (iobit was just one of them in my researching), and I obviously copied the wrong tab uri. Here is the correct one : https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2017/04/25/windows-10-creators-update-rollout-first-phase-update/#XTOKIUceoLkb6FU6.97 - I do believe that link is in their post though. There are other ones (especially if you have an MSDN developers account), but those are expensive. Issues on new OS rollouts go back to the first versions ever released - they are the norm. You are on the "bleeding edge" if you install the Microsoft Creators "update", and that is what you should realize. Soooo, if you're going to be a first adopter be prepared for the consequences - stop whining about your problems - just report the issues you find and move along. Software developers don't need you screaming insults at them - they are aware of what their job is.
  5. As stated - no business IT I've ever seen would allow an update like this to install on their systems (even thru windows update) without first testing it in a sandbox environment - this has been the industry standard for as long as I can remember. 1. Then you should know what to expect, if not learn. 2. Did you even read the link I posted - the OFFICIAL Microsft statement, if you got sucked into their advertising then go flame them - issues such as these are common on new OS rollouts. 3.MB may have even known longer than two weeks - are you now a computer software expert - one that understands the impact of even a small change in software being relied on by a large user base? I don't think so! It is no small feat to make changes to a widely distributed piece of software, your lack of patience is no reason to rush anything (especially a program like this) out the door. The only blame here is your ignorance and lack of patience - learn and get smarter - crying will just get you a crib. You think you're the first and only person who has spent many hours tracking down issues with their computer? If you're gonna play on the leading edge you better learn how to bleed with style - or get out of the game.
  6. I've been monitoring this thread with quite some interest... I am amazed how someone can install MANUALLY a pre-release version of software and then suddenly complain that they have "issues", duh, of course you do. If your business depends on your computers it is irresponsible to install pre-release software on them. The early and manual release of Windows 10 Creators edition was done specifically to detect and find issues - i.e. YOU ARE A BETA TESTER. Responsible business IT would NEVER install this on production machines - they wouldn't even allow it to roll out thru Windows Update until they had thoroughly tested it - period. It is great you are discovering issues with this upgrade so those who are responsible can take advantage of the fixes you generate - which is why they released it manually early in the first place. If you are in a dire predicament because of your choices - that is on you - you should know better. The official stance at Microsoft is you SHOULD NOT INSTALL THE CREATORS EDITION MANUALLY, you should wait till the rollout thru windows update (http://forums.iobit.com/forum/driver-booster/driver-booster-v4/220131-microsoft-recommends-that-users-do-not-manually-install-windows-10-creators-update-temporarily). I appreciate the reporting of errors with Microsoft's latest version - but complaining that your business is hurting because of it, just shows the lack of true IT competence. The posts on what level of priority Malware Bytes should put on this problem is a bit pre-mature and disparages the fine programmers without cause.
  7. You're right, it is not a straight forward process - but it did work. Thank You!
  8. I've got no problems with ASC being detected as a PUP, however, I have found you can't whitelist it. These are the problems: 1. You can't exclude a registry value. 2. You can't exclude a link/shortcut. 3. You can't exclude any file system tasks (usually in "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\TASKS"). It would be nice if you could just pick from a list of PUP's that MWB detects, so you can exclude the one(s) you want. It would also be acceptable to use the MWB identifier for the PUP ("PUP.Optional.AdvancedSystemCare" in this case). I don't want to turn off all detection of PUP's - I just want the ability to whitelist ones I use. ASC is an excellent solution for certain situations - although it does take some heavy configuration to keep it from messing up your computer (as with any powerful tool, improperly used it can damage your system). I'm assuming the above issues would apply to ANY program you wanted to whitelist.
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