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  1. Ok, you're right... will do.
  2. I forgot to mention, that Microsoft edge will not access the internet. Is there something i can run that may be a quick fix? If not I will make a seperate post...
  3. Thank you so much for your time and assistance! I also appreciate the recommendation. May God bless you in all your endeavors! Regards, Fixit
  4. I will make him aware of your suggestions... It started out with a brother taking his sisters laptop. Had it for several days. when they found it it wouldn't boot. I changed the boot from legacy to UEFI and it booted to the user with name "Anonymous". had lots of virus/malware on it. I believe the brother may have tried to clean it up based on a couple of things I saw in the files; superspyware remover and some trojan remover... Could the old acct being gone and being replaced be the work of an infection?
  5. I copied the fixlist.txt to the desktop where FRST64 is located and hit fix. It rebooted but only gave me a fixlog; no temp or userfile logs. let me know if I should look somewhere else for those other two logs...thx Fixlog.txt
  6. This is my bosses daughters laptop. I do not know the full history....I was given it around the 10th of march. computer would not boot up normally. Came to a black screen saying "could not find boot device" I changed the bios from legacy boot to UEFI boot and it did boot to windows. the only account is named "anonymous"...password locked. I used command prompt to change the password and was able to get into the acct. looks like there are no pictures,videos or documents on it. I tried to use a win 10 boot usb to repair it when I could not get it to boot. No success. I was able to get to a point to where I could have repaired the installation on the "Anonymous acct, but I decided to wait. I have ran the following programs in an attempt to restore it before the viruses hit it: Norton rescue 10 Mbam rouge killer tdsskiller-either wouldn't run or found nothing. eset online scan norton eraser Windows all in one repair All programs found items and supposedly deleted or cleaned.(Some found many Trojans and viruses) I cannot find any pictures or videos the owner of laptop was hoping to recover Any help would be appreciated!! FRST.txt addition.txt

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