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  1. Thanks, I'll give it a try. But I don't know - MBAM was always the gold standard, as far as I was concerned. Now it seems they're so busy "making improvements" that there are more issues than ever. I sure hope they get their act together. I recommend MBAM to everyone (and as a tech, I meet a LOT of people.) Now I'm getting calls from clients understandably upset that there are problems. I sure don't need the extra work! MBAM - you changed to a yearly subscription. Get it working, make it stable, and stop making us play whack-a-mole with things like protection turning off or icons n
  2. Hi, I have the latest version of MBAM Premium, running on WIn 10 Pro. The tray icon is suddenly missing. I went to Settings, and it doesn't even show up as an option in "Select which icons appear in the taskbar" or "Turn system icons on or off". In the MBAM settings page, it's checked to start with Windows, but I don't see a system tray option. It was there last time I checked, probably a few days ago. Is this yet ANOTHER update "improvement"? It's version, Component package 1.0.103, Update package version 1.0.1856. It's set for automatic update. Thanks fo
  3. I've been having this issue, on and off, since December. There's an upgrade, it may (or may not) go away, then comes back. Now, at least once a day, I get an alert saying a component of Real TIme Protection is turned off. If I click "turn on", it's fine. I've already done the "uninstall using MBAM uninstaller" and re-installed, sometime in January. Right now I'm using ver 3.06.1469, component version 1.0.0, update package 1.0.1508. I've used MBAM for years and recommend it to all of my clients (I'm a tech). I don't know what the heck is going on here, but this isn't the kind of
  4. Just checking - I haven't gotten the new upgrade yet. But, I'll still need an anti-virus, right?
  5. I have been dealing with this problem for months. In my case, the random voices were caused by iexplore.exe running in the background (no actual window) and connecting to various sites, then disconnecting again. When I say "dealing with this" for months, I really mean it. I've been working with two people on Geeks To Go. I have the full version of MBAM, which has not found anything even though it scans every night. I use Process Blocker to stop IE from running, and failing that I've blocked it in Comodo. Teatimer has apparently blocked all of the sites it tries to go to, because when I di
  6. I rarely use IE, so I don't think that's it. I usually use Firefox (don't get me started...) - Russ
  7. FYI - I installed the newer version of Avast! (5) and the entire problem stopped dead in its tracks! Weird, but at least it's a solution if anyone else has this problem. In fact, ALL blocked IPs stopped appearing. Thanks again for your help. - Russ
  8. Yes, I couldn't catch the block, but I'll set it up to try and get it. However, MBAM definitely is block the 208 IP: :48:59 Russell Alexander IP-BLOCK It seems to try and access it four or five times in a row, and MBAM blocks it each time. Here's a quote from another thread about that address: antispywarepro.net parkinglot.information.com Rogue Antivirus Bogdan Pankiv / software@fabrica.net.ua 2009-04-28 This is one line from just one report on IP - I hope it will give you a basic idea why it is blocked - McAfee also Red Lists it - QUO
  9. Got it (finally!) it's for a different address,, which I posted about in the general forum. I've uploaded the files - they're only 1kb each, but I also included the full capture in case there was something else you wanted to see, bringing the size up to 4.2 megs. I also uploaded just the 1kb files, as "208 files small". This is really driving me nuts, as it's something that's pretending to be Avast! and keeps trying to access that IP (and others, too.) Any help would be greatly appreciated! - Russ
  10. If it comes up again, I'll attach it. there are other instances that are attributed to Avast, so I'll attach the next one as it happens. Thanks!
  11. It showed. And it's... Avast?!? Yup, it seems to be Avast! that's trying to access the site. WT heck?
  12. Thanks, I'm running it now. It actually showed a false positive - MB flagged Avast! as trying to connect to banned IP address. Still waiting for that to show its face again! Thanks for the tip, this seems like a great program.
  13. I'm using C-Port to find out what's going on with some reported blocks. This one came up, and here's the info: ashWebSv.exe 3244 TCP 2388 80 http 178-host199440.midphase.com Sent C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashWebSv.exe avast! Antivirus avast! Web Scanner 4, 8, 1367, 0 ALWIL Software 3/9/2010 20:37:19 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM avast! Web Scanner A 3/9/2010 21:12:10 C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashWebSv.exe It seems to be blocking Avast! from contacting midphase.com. Any idea if this is a mistake? Thanks.
  14. Yes, I saw that. I understand why it's blocked, but what I don't understand is which program keeps trying to access it. Am I being dense here (not unusual)?
  15. Okay, as Clint Eastwood once said: "A man's got to know his limitations". I found the reference to a couple of the attempts in Wireshark, but don't know how to proceed to find the offending program! Here's what I got: 90317 21:39:57.941489 DNS Standard query A filmfreephotos.com This lines up with malwarebytes' log: 21:39:57 Russell Alexander IP-BLOCK Although the log goes on to find more: 21:40:00 Russell Alexander IP-BLOCK 21:40:06 Russell Alexander IP-BLOCK 21:40:18 Russell Alexander IP-BLOCK 21:40:21 Russell A
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