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  1. You mean, research by Malwarebytes had determined ASC to be potentially unwanted software. It's clear that many people use both programs, for which ASC is not unwanted software. Therein lies the difference. MWB flagged 1057 files / folders and you expect me to go through each one to see if I should flag or unflag it?? Get real!! Stop dragging your customers into your war with Iobit!! Settle it in the courts where it belongs. Listen to your customers here and change your so called research so that ASC is not flagged / deleted from your customers computers!! The longer t
  2. Who are you to decide what programs are to be installed on one's computer?? If we choose to have both MWB and ASC installed on our computers, that's our choice...NOT Malwarebytes!! Settle your disputes in court.....not on my (or anyone else's) computer!! Don't drag your customers into your war with Iobit. Shame on you Malwarebytes. SHAME on you!!
  3. The point here is that Malwarebytes should NOT be dragging customers into their battle with Iobit. Personally, I don't really care if one company took data from another company. It makes no difference to me. That is what courts are for. When a company drags it's customers into the middle of their war thereby affecting people's computers...I (and obviously many others) think that is WRONG!! Advanced System Care is NOT malware. Everybody knows this (including MWB). Unfortunately MWB doesn't care about their customers who use both platforms and making us suffer in the meantime. Sh
  4. Hi Fred, Yes, it is a sad story indeed. I've used ASC for the last 5 or 6 years (and MWB) without issue. Unfortunately, MWB is now embroiled in a battle with Iobit (legal or otherwise) and has dragged the customer right smack into the middle of it by declaring ASC as malware (pup) and thereby deleting it from people's computers. If you look down the page of file detections, you'll see a bunch of other threads dedicated to this very topic but Malwarebytes just closes them down thereby preventing more angry people from commenting. We know ASC is not malware....MWB knows it's not malware
  5. Advanced System Care is NOT malware. You know it, we know it, everyone knows it. We choose not to accept your position here because we know it's not Malware and yet you keep closing these threads. How arrogant MWB!! Shame on you!!
  6. It seems Malwarebytes is going to war with Iobit (Advanced SystemCare) and thereby closing previous threads about their decision to detect ASC as PUP and therefore deleting ASC from people's systems. As one can see from the previous threads (which have been closed from further comments by MWB)....everyone disagrees with this position of MWB. Why is MWB closing these threads from further comments?? Because they don't want people talking about it.....because they can see the public backlash and would prefer to hide from it instead reversing this position. Strange, as I don't see ASC detectin
  7. I see that Malwarebytes has closed the other 2 threads on this subject, which leads me to think they are avoiding this issue as they don't seem to want people discussing it. Therefore, I will open a 3rd thread on the topic. I have been using Advanced System Care by Iobit for many years without any issues. I trust it completely. It is NOT malware. Yet, with Malwarebytes recent position regarding PUP's, it is now detecting Advanced System Care as malware and therefore quarantine/deleting ASC from my computer. It detected over 1000 files with ASC thereby deleting it from my computer (and
  8. I have been using Iobit's Advanced System Care for many years and trust it completely. Many people use Advanced System Care to maintain their rigs. MWB isn't the only malware program in town. In fact Iobit has their own malware program. Malwarebytes may want to rethink their position here or lose subscribers.
  9. Malwarebytes detected over 1000 Advanced System Care files on my computer and completely deleted the program. ASC is NOT malware. I had to reinstall ASC. I certainly hope Malwarebytes intends to fix this issue, as I am not going to spend hours upon hours adding various different files and folders to my excluded list. I see another thread on this topic but they closed it (no further replies allowed). What is Malwarebytes doing about this?? If they expect users to fix this themselves (excluding files)....then I will simply stop using Malwarebytes and tell others to stop using it as wel
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