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  1. Mailruhomesearch infected

    And, Here's the content of the DelFix Log: # DelFix v1.013 - Logfile created 19/03/2017 at 00:45:06 # Updated 17/04/2016 by Xplode # Username : Robben - METHOSSYSTEM # Operating System : Windows 8.1 (64 bits) ~ Activating UAC ... OK ~ Removing disinfection tools ... Deleted : C:\FRST Deleted : C:\AdwCleaner ~ Creating registry backup ... OK ~ Cleaning system restore ... Deleted : RP #141 [Windows Update | 03/16/2017 18:20:45] Deleted : RP #143 [Restore Point Created by FRST | 03/18/2017 01:51:55] Deleted : RP #144 [JRT Pre-Junkware Removal | 03/18/2017 01:56:33] New restore point created ! ~ Resetting system settings ... OK ########## - EOF - ########## As far as I know, there are no more troubles with my PC. Now I'll abstain from using P2P software and look for additional security measures so chances that this ever happens again are next to nothing. Again, I can't thank you enough for your tima and help. Kind Regards.
  2. Mailruhomesearch infected

    The ESET Scan finally ended. It found 2 threats but none of them associated with the mailruhomesearch virus. Attaching the Log to my response, as requested. ESET Log.txt
  3. Mailruhomesearch infected

    I did everything as told. I included all the files you requested, and for more information, only the AdwCleaner seemed to find something. Malwarebytes did not find anything. Also, My pc runs faster now, speacially Mozilla Firefox and the mailruhomesearch startup process dissapeared from my task manager. I cannot thank you enough. Fixlog.txt JRT.txt AdwCleaner[C0].txt Malwarebytes Log.txt
  4. Mailruhomesearch infected

    So, I had the misfortune to open the "rar" file containing the mailruhomesaerch virus. I applied Malwarebites and it seems to have taken care of most of it, but the startup program is sitll showing up on the Task Manager (although it says it's disabled) and that is making me paranoid. I don't know if the virus can return just by this after everything else was deleted. I really need help, please. Addition.txt FRST.txt