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  1. Hi Jpopovic, I've updated the app once again and yes this time I can now update and open Discord. Thank you for letting me know!
  2. Hi there! For about two, maybe three, weeks? I've been having an issue with Malwarebytes flagging random things at outbound trojans. When I scan, neither application is finding anything. (The only thing ADW flags is the default pre-installed HP programmes and Claro Reader which is an accessibility software I use, but I've never had a reason to uninstall those.) It possibly started when I downloaded Valheim from Steam, or that may have been the first time I actively noticed it. To summarise: Every time I open the Valheim, Malwarebytes immediately flags it as an outbound trojan. Then it started to do it with Clip Studio Paint, the art software I use for work, when I opened up the in-app store. Flagging it as an outbound trojan. (This stopped once I updated CSP to the newest version.) Today, it's now doing it with Discord, and refusing to let me update discord because it's being flagged as an outbound trojan. I've done a Windows update, which made no difference. I've also updated both Malwarebytes, and ADW Cleaner. It should be noted that when I've run these scans, they were in Normal mode, still connected to the internet. I can't seem to work out what the problem is, and I can't find anyone with a similar problem when I google this issue. But this is becoming a problem as I need Discord for working from home, and being unable to access this is not good, very bad, please help. I've downloaded the Malwarebytes Support Tool and attached the log to this post, cause that's what I've seen asked for on other posts? mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Until this morning, I'd been using IoBit's Advanced System Care, and Malwarebytes as my primary protection against viruses and malware. But this morning, Malwarebytes quarantined the entire ASC programme on my desktop. Maybe it's a result of updating ASC to version 10 last night... but I'm not sure why it would flag on MB all the same, when it never has done before? Is it actually malware? It's never caused a problem before? So is this just a false positive due to the update, or not? I don't know how to be sure because MB doesn't give you much information on why it's been flagged. But right now, with the entire programme moved to quarantine, I only have one source of protection, and I relied on ASC to clean out my RAM since I do animation which puts it into high usage. I'm not sure what to do now because I've not had this issue before?
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