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  1. Hi this mIght not be the right area to ask but is there an option here to test a web link to see if it contains malware?
  2. Hi I was wondering if there was a way to test a web link. I was sent a suspicious link. I used this website to preview it . The preview showed a file hosting site with a 30mb zip file to download. I Immediately knew to stay away. My first question is if I preview the site here is it still possible to have something silently downloaded onto my computer without me knowing. And my second question: Is there is a way to check if this particular bad link even has the ability to download something silently onto your computer. https://guteurls.de/ I have reset windows 10 and I've done a full scan. Nothing found. Maybe I'm overreacting but better to be safe than sorry Any help on this would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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