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  1. Hello I already used the tool to clean the instalation then reinstalled mbam but still cant update, hope someone can help me.
  2. A staff member replied in another thread that they got issues with her updates servers, also I still have the same problem, cant update
  3. Same problem here, Im using windows 7, at the moment I still cant update
  4. Since a weeks ago a cmd.exe has been running in the background, it doesnt always starts in all the day but when it does a quick cmd window pop up and then dissapear, I can confirm that it is still running because I check the task manager. I dont know if is a virus or just a software that I installed because mbam daily scans my pc and it doesnt found any threat, I got the premium version, I can add that I can close the cmd from the task manager but it will start again in a few hours, also sometimes it close for itself. Sorry for bad english, here are some reports:
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