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  1. Just rebooted after a random BSOD from Spotify lol. But there is no system tray icon for Malwarebytes, but I see the MBAMService in details in task manager. So the tray is not booting on startup for some reason.I just made a shortcut for the tray, it only takes like 1 second to open that up from the desktop.
  2. Did it 2 times to be sure. Exited it and reopened from the desktop icon. All protections are on and I see it in the system tray. Hopefully it does it on startup too next time I reboot.
  3. In my task manager I don’t see a show processes from all users. But under the details tab I do see a MBAMservice.exe running.
  4. Checked task manager and no malwarebytes programs are running. I will use that tool to attach logs soon. edit: I manually ran the tray application from the folder and it is there now.
  5. Yes I am using the premium version. It’s not a big deal, as long as malwarebytes works I’m fine.
  6. Is malwarebytes supposed to show in the system tray? I remember it did but I don’t see it there anymore. Just wondering .
  7. The beta seems to have worked so far. My wallpaper engine loaded my wallpaper fast like usual, whereas before it took minutes to load. Opened chrome and task manager pretty fast too. Steam took a while but it was installing an update so I think everything is ok. I will let you know If something goes wrong.
  8. System restore still initializing after 1 hour. I will just hard reboot and attempt to disable the ransomware protection.
  9. Malwarebytes asked me to install a new update and restarted my pc. Now everything is really slow also, it must have been that new update. I am doing a system restore to see if this works, the pc is unusable right now.
  10. Ive had this open for an hour, no crashes yet. I wonder why, maybe it is the self protection? Not sure what that setting even does I will turn self protection back on and quit this application, see if it will crash again or if it was just something weird going on yesterday.
  11. On event viewer, Malwarebytes is shutting down randomly is looks like. Real time protection just turned off as I was writing this, but I think the application just restarted. Just started happening yesterday here. https://imgur.com/a/LgLEu Anyone else having this problem? It's not too big of a deal because I think it turns back on automatically but I was just wondering whats going on. When I am playing games sound gets all laggy for a few seconds whenever this happens which I am assuming is this issue , but its not too bad. Thanks
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