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  1. Hello I am experiencing some problems with Google Chrome. When I have Google Chrome web browser installed on my computer, I will press a button on the keyboard which will cause three or four Google Chrome windows to open for no reason. I have scanned my computer with Malwarebytes and Avast Antivirus and it cannot solve the problem. This does not happen with Firefox or Internet Explorer. I have gone to Bleepingcomputer.com and tried rkill, adwcleaner and tdsskiller but it cannot seem to stop the Chrome windows from opening everytime I press a button, if Chrome is installed. I also tried to use Linux Mint Cinnamon and when I started typing my password to the wifi, I keep getting messages about Thunderbird being already open. Wtf? I didn't even try to open Thunderbird. I guess the malware has migrated to Linux as well. Help.
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