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  1. Dear Forum members. I installed the Swagbucks extension into Chrome. It is a nuisance, and I'd like to get rid of it. I saw some tips on YouTube, which didn't help. Can't really find an answer using Google. So I'm turning to my trusted source of information ... this forum. I know you have all the answers ... right? KPP
  2. MAM

    Oh my goodnes, you are 101 Years old. Are you fine, now ?

    Congratulations for that. Respect.


  3. Hey Adam ... It is with a happy heart that I say, yes close this thread. I'm all cleaned up. I have just one question: Is it OK to delete all cleanup applications and text files I've used in the past? There are still some burps and hiccups, but I'm not sure if it's my pc or my isp. But I think it's safe to say goodbye. Thanks! Kate p.s. Should I clean my cache regularly? DelFix.txt
  4. checkup.txt Adam, I did update Java, ran Security Check and included the log. I do have a few questions overall, some related to our cleanup and others not. First, your questions. My laptop is running better than ever! 1. Can I now delete all the tools and logs? I also have some tools & logs from past efforts. 2. I keep getting a popup (on Notepad) that claims to be from Microsoft suggesting I update my "2010 Starter edition." 3. Is it possible or feasible to keep Java on Chrome and remove it from IE. Then do searches on IE to reduce chances of infection? 4. Is there anything I ca
  5. Java.txt Adam, Wow. Not a simple, one-step solution! re: Java. My company has specific instructions. They are attached. Also, I don't use Firefox anymore. Please advise. Kate [p.s. I only work occasionally, so I could disable Java in the interim.
  6. Adam, You're a magician! Chrome is clean, just in time for me to see Google's Halloween theme. Can you point to any one thing we did that fixed it? Forever grateful, Kate
  7. Adam, The main problem from the outset has been the Chrome browser, which has been stuck at pcfixer.com. The issue was never how my pc was performing. The only way to know if the problem has been fixed is to launch Chrome. Shall I do this now? Kate
  8. Hi Adam, The ESET scan did take forever. I re-enabled the antivirus s/w. Here's the log. Kate MyESETscan.txt
  9. Adam, Here are the logs you requested. Kate Fixlog.txt TDSSKiller. TDSSKiller.
  10. Adam, I accidentally opened Chrome while FRST was running. Only way to close Chrome was to exit computer. Did that & restarted pc . Shortly after that got a log from FRST & pc again rebooted on its own. Kate Fixlog.txt
  11. Adam, Here are the new logs. Kate Addition.txt FRST.txt
  12. Adam, OK. I'll rerun it, but I did place the checkmark. Kate
  13. Adam. I need to run and do some errands in the next couple hours. What's the best time to catch you this weekend? Kate
  14. Hi Adam, Attached are all the logs. Re: ComboFix, I last used in Feb. Kate AdwCleanerR3.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt MBAM SCAN LOG 10-29.txt JRT.txt
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