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  1. Porthos--did what you suggested. Back to square one. Same original issue. It simply won't open--says can't connect. And cannot uninstall as per above. Revouninstaller worked first time, but not subsequently. I've spent much of the day on this and though I greatly appreciate various people's efforts, it's clear there's an issue here. I just wonder how many others have experienced this and simply given up on this software! It's probably worthwhile for Malwarebytes Support to look further into this if they want to preserve their reputation!
  2. Dave--re Revouninstaller. Wouldn't do its uninstall, but did go thru and find all the Malwarebytes files and let it uninstall them. It worked fine. Thank you! I did try re-installing Malwarebytes using the following download link that Malwarebytes support sent to me. It didn't work! See attached error message. The link was: https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/d15nhbepqn0kdzc0iacrzypyic1gbkam Should I give-up on Malwarebytes! Ron
  3. Devin--iI tried running mb-clean.exe in safe mode. Stil did not remove it. No log was shown on my desktop after the reboot. I tried from uninstall again in Programs and Features. Still did not uninstall but got the attached error. For your info I'm also attaching the logs that ran on the one and only time I was able to run your program on March 5. It was when I first downloaded it. So what now? Appreciate your help. Thanks, Ron mbae-default.log MBAMSERVICE.LOG
  4. I downloaded Malwarebytes Ran the scan and clicked to remove malware--then it stopped working! Have been unable to start it since then (March 4) AND HAVE HAD NO REAL HELP FROM SUPPORT AT MALWAREBYTES. When I try to start the program, I get an error message saying, "unable to connect." When I try uninstalling it, Windows 10 disallows me and shows the error message attached.
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