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  1. Hi Ron, @AdvancedSetup Thank you for your feedback. I have been successful in removing all traces of this virus/malware from my system, I was struggling for almost a week!. Anyways I used a software called "Windows 10 Manager" and deleted this suspicious files completely from my system. The source was located at C:/programdata (hidden folder). I have attached the software download link for your review and for future reference to any infected PCs with the same virus/malware. It's really a very amazing tool. Kind regards,
  2. Hello, Someone tried to hack my PC. Installed a number of suspicious software and tools, disabled Windows Defender by a group policy, and there is a virus/malware I can not remove from my system. Once Windows 10 boots this file "g****.tmp.exe/g****.tmp" is automatically generated in the Windows temp folder and every time I end the task/process from the task manager and delete the files they generate again when I restart the Windows and Windows Defender is ineffective to clean my system. I managed to remove most of the suspicious software and tools and turn on Windows Defender. But there are some security issues I need to correct. Could you please help? I think my security issues are similar to "Kevin777" topic. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/194088-a-tmpexe-files-in-the-temp-folder-malware-or-a-browser-hijacker/ Thank you.
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