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  1. Thank you @kevinf80. I think having to tweak Chrome so much to get around things is the straw that can be fixed with another browser. I very much appreciate your efforts. MalwareBytes has been my saving grace, always will be. ~o~
  2. That did not help. 1 - I do not have a Google account. 2 - I do not sync anything the other side of this modem. 3 - I do not need to store, sync, or otherwise share my -stuff- on another server (AKA "cloud"). 4 - Don't even allow this site to inform the companies peeps that I am here. Could it be my extra hard-nosed attempts at protecting my rights to privacy that somehow help Google dictate what I must have on my device? Your expertise is appreciated. REALLY! ~o~
  3. BACKGROUNDER: A MalwareBytes document states: I have had MB Premium for many years. And as of today, it is up to date. ISSUE: I do not have any "Threat Scan" on any "Scan menu". Should I be upgrading to Premium Plus, or Super Duper Premium or some other such extra Extras? I would very much like to perform a manual scan of selected area or areas without having to schedule it, wait, then re-adjust scheduler back to default settings. ~o~
  4. ISSUE: When opening Googies Chrome, the first tab by default is blank. (I don't need a start page). Within seconds of opening Chrome, two more tabs open. Each new tab opens a page to https://mybrowseraddon.com/webgl-defender.html?v=0.1.5&p=0.1.4&type=update and https://mybrowseraddon.com/font-defender.html?v=0.1.3&p=0.1.2&type=update and after about 5 minutes, a new tab opens with: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007%2F978-3-319-99828-2 BACKGROUND: I have studied the fake Adblock Plus hijacker, and MBs response to hijacker "Tiempo en colombia en vivo" and neither seem close. I have run a complete MB scan with no results. I greatly appreciate the people that help out here - hats off to you, ~o~
  5. Thanks for the extra info @exile360. As a side note, I wonder why all, every last one of them that uses any kind of stalking be it cookie that tracks, or Beacons that stalk, is it that billions must waste trillions of minutes opting-out instead of opting-n. The real Internet was never like that. We had freedoms back then and not forced to protect our rights to privacy. But kids raised on BigBro's do this, don't do that... seem to have no problem giving up their rights. Weird how things evolve. Thanks again, I'll be sure to help waste some of those trillions ~O~
  6. I expect that Malwarebytes Privacy Guard AKA VPN service(?), due to the nature of the product would have a separate Privacy and Terms of Use policies strictly for the VPN service. I am unable to find any reference to VPN and Privacy except in the general Privacy Policy (<--is a link BTW) a very vague "The Malwarebytes Privacy application does not collect or retain the following:" listing a few things it does not collect. You'll need to scroll down about 1/3rd of the way to see the brief on the VPN. I could think of a 100k things that could be added as 'not collected.' I would like to know what it does collect and retain. Is there a place not shown on the pages where these can be found for VPN? Thanks ~O~
  7. Save time - jump down to "QUESTION:" below PREAMBLE: I am one of the of the few fortunate with a lifetime license, but that won't stop me from buying more MB. I wish to protect 4 devices - I'm willing to buy more MalwareBytes (MB) for: 1 x Win 7 2 x Win 10 1 x Win 7 is covered with life version. I just dumped Kaspersky after 3 months of 'issues' and reinstalled (MB). They had told me to uninstall MB. I see now that MB has been much improved over time. Some posts here say I don't need anti-virus, others say to run it manually when needed beside a good anti-virus program, some it's OK with Windows Defender, and others say no. So there seems no definitive answer. The sales pages states "Replaces antivirus" I am more than willing, as I have done since 1988, pay for good anti-virus. I can't find any. The price on the MB sale pages is "CAD $77.99 / yr." (Not permitted here to copy & paste it - not responsible for typos) for three devices. Pretty steep for something that isn't sue re if it will be OK with Defender, or others of their kind. The AV-Test site for MB last score rates it at 4, 5, and 4.5 (each out of 6) for Premium versions 3.5 - 3.6. QUESTION: Why is the cost so high and for only one device at a time? I need to justify for myself, and bank, and the sanity behind such a large purchase. BTW, I know the difference between the free, Home and Premium versions. As well, and hopefully, to update previous answers: Do I need a anti-virus running alongside MB? Should MB just be a tool-in-waiting and run it manually after disabling a anti-virus, when needed? There are very few that rank a 6, 6, 6, at AV-Tests. But is MB working on joining them in the ranks? 13.4 out 18! ~o~
  8. Pssst - - Wanna free operating system kid? Yeah - it's free! It's free because Here - take it - take it, you have to cause if you don't, your device will stop working GOTCHA!!! My Rant on it:: Ask yourself this 'why would Microsoft give away what is their bread and butter? It's about SMRC'ing. It's no longer "tracking" to 'enhance our browsing experience. Now, it's outright privacy theft. But it OK, because we all read those Term of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and dozens of other policies, guidelines, procedures and acceptable use agreements deciphered by those Philadelphia lawyers we all keep in our pockets - right beside that Administrator Microsoft tells us to contact when it Windoze dos it's usual thing. Every large corporation has a 1, 2 , 5, 10 and 20 year vision (plan). Microsoft invested in the free version because it is used to suck out all the information about us, follow us, monitor us, record us and sell us to anyone with money - especially advertisers. The same thing google does. What will be the cost of the next O/S Microsoft twists into our backs? I'm still using 7, 10, Linux, and XP and would still be using Vista were it not for too many online kiddie-kewl sites requiring at last 7. Microsoft could not get DOS right, can't get Windows right, and keeps us believing that we need to keep buying their buggy, unsecured, bloatware until they give up fixing it and come out with something new to screw us with. Windows is Pandora's box. Games were mentioned in the post. Many have games that ran perfectly fine in XP, for example, but all were forced to downgrade to Windows 10 (it's NOT a upgrade!) in order to continue to play those same games that worked fine in XP. Why did they have to install Win 10 on a new computer in order to play their favourite games? Because the Game portal (you know who they are) upgraded(?) their game launchers to run in 10 and they dropped launcher support for XP et al, Game launcher updates are required, one has no choice. People had to run out, buy a new computer that would handle Win 10, re-install all their usual software, and buy up to run the same thing they had on 7 that now needs 10 - just to support the launcher, not the game itself that would run on XP. It's not game that upgrade and needed 10, it was the launcher. For those kids who have been assimilated (includes most millennials), back in the day, we could install a game without Big Bro Developer watching our every move via the game launcher. Microsoft wants to stay in business, shareholders want to collect their greed, and can't do that if they develop a good O/S that lasts longer than the computer. Devices are ending in the landfill because we need to upgrade so M$ and ilk can generate more a sales. It's a self-perpetuating hungry and greedy monster and we are feeding our money, our freedom, and our rights to privacy. People, many sheeple, and the new device Borgs along with Googies rights to privacy are so eroded now there is no looking back. Hanging on to more secure and privacy-respecting old-style Microsoft versions is futile - resistance is futile - most Windows victims have been assimilated. Win 10 is Microsoft's best ever privacy raper. The improved version is coming. ~o~ My apologies to Microsoft for letting the cat out of the bag.
  9. @AdvancedSetup As I began a search for a question I have about MB, I spotted your post and even though I already knew that DNA testing is the next step to controlling people, I had a good read. In 1940 Europe, people were required, as in most countries now, to provide birth, sex, origin, parents names and birth dates, and religion. Now we are not asked for religion. When the Nazis took over, they would go in to each village, contact the local mayor or leader of the village who kept birth records, and opened the files. Any Jew was herded away. As the saying goes, remove one freedom every generation and soon there will be no freedoms, and no one will notice. Coming from a generation that had many more freedoms than we have today, I weep for the youth of today that have no clue, or care about the erosion of their privacy. Today, so many freedoms are removed that we can't keep up with the losses. I believe DNA sampling will become the law for newborns, and all citizens wanting medical aide, marriage, travel documents, even credit card, will require it - all for our own protection - of course. It's already law in some countries if one is convicted of a crime, they give a sample. It has already been suggested in Canadian government hallways that DNA recording at birth will help protect the child in future. Un huh - sure. Using everything from anti-virus programs to passports from service agreements to online and store-front shopping, now require us to give up a lot of privacy. When looking at the bottom of my browser and I see "This site uses cookies - We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better." I KNOW and think, Un- huh - sure. What your article does is gently warn us about what the minions and ilk abusing DNA can do, have done, and will do. But, we here that are reading it, appreciate the value behind the information while youth (includes millennial's) have no protection, no idea, and usually don't care - so long as their clever phone (no such thing as a "smart" phone) is still connecting them via privacy-rapers to their friends in cyber land. Most youth including millenials have already been assimilated into the who cares about privacy - I've nothing to hide state of denial. DNA sampling is, IMHO the worst form of privacy annihilation discovered. The USA CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) claims to help find, arrest and prove ones criminal guilt, and has released from prison many people wrongfully accused, and in the case of Cold Case, send offenders to prison many years after committing the crime. DNA sampling has it's place, but like everything, once governments get their paws on something that can be abused, it will be abused. Thanks AdvancedSetup for the post. Just say'n s'all ~o~
  10. Thank you dccollins for your response. But I thought you might have read the post first, but to repeat, ..."and no one will tell me how I can preview what is being sent. This from a Internet anti-malware company!" It means, we should have the right to PREview just what data MB is gathering and taking. Why not? The 'appie' sent in the A.I. response email does not allow it. It only states that MB is not responsible for anything that happens with the data or to our computers and there is no option to review it first. My only option is to Accept the unknown, or quit. Again, I'll repeat ..."the installer err'ed out to "Not compatible." Not installed."... I have to Quit MB each time I start the comp or am inundated with warnings to update. Now that I'm at risk... can we get an answer to the first, 2nd and 3rd time asked --- 'How do I review the data gathered by the MB A.I. BEFORE it is sent to MB?' Thanks for the help, O "It's not that I have something to hide. I have nothing I want you to see." ... That Girl - Anon
  11. You might want to just jump down to "Questions" below. Preamble: This happens about once a year and takes several weeks to get past the generic A.I. that responds with generic cut & paste wall of text of instructions to run a file that automatically connect somewhere on the 'net, then scans my network, then sends what-ever it wants to where ever it wants - and no one till tell me how I can preview what is being sent. This from a Internet anti-malware company! I have a "Never Expires" License "Status. Have version Update package version 1.0.8001 (I'm sure there are no typos - would be nice if one could copy & paste generic stuff too). ISSUE: I received a notice to "update". Should be 'upgrade". The call home to "update" the fingerprint database is an update. So that we are on the same page - A new version of mbam.exe is an upgrade. I went to MB and view the system specs. I meet those specs. I accepted the upgrade and waited while it installed. After a while, the installer err'ed out to "Not compatible." Not installed. I guess the license never expires - just using mbam.exe does. Now, I continuously get nagops telling me to "update". (Remember, you heard "nagops" here first = any popups or popout nagging one to action, or to do something.) Questions: How might I stop the nagops without compromising the updates? How might I upgrade? The A.I. usually responds with the tale that Norton is causing the problem. Norton says MB is the problem. Uninstalling Norton doesn't stop MB from failing to upgrade. Does not buying a new computer with MB acceptable O/S update (10 is not an upgrade) stop the updates? ~~~ Useless stuff: MBs Acceptable System specs showed XP and up. I have Vista - an acceptable O/S - according to System Requirements. MB has run on here, usually quite well, for many years. I opened a "ticket" and got the usual wall of instructions. I know the next 4 steps by heart as they are automatic and that is why I am asking here - to focus on the real issue and not kept waiting while my computer is scanned by a remote bot sending secret data to a secret admirer . I compared the ticket response to the last 2 I had over the years and they are exactly the same, except for the dates. Trust, Faith and Respect - kaboom! I was told, in another malware forum, that MB is trying to get rid of the "Never Expires" license holders. NOT TRUE! So don't even suggest that because MB is too big a company to pull anything of the sort. I have been with MB since John became a Baptist or just about, and would put the old free version on friends computers and now recommend to people to try the trial (no more free). I wouldn't do that unless it saved my system a few times - and even with a annual user fee now, it's still very worth while. Support, on the hand - well, .... Before Trolls start on selling Windoze upgrades with new icons; I have 1-Vista, 1 x Win 7, 2 x Win 8.1, 2 x Win 10, and 3 Linux boxes. Not being a prisoner, I don't have a cell. Thanks for any help O
  12. As usual, when something works, someone, somewhere, will find a reason to "upgrade" it. MB is no different. I posted this already, but it has disappeared and the generic cut & paste "re install it" was a fake reply because I already showed in my post that I had been there, done that. Just how many times reinstalling something will fix it has yet to be determined. This latest improvement has: Prevented the MB task tray icon from showing up. Those processes suggest MB 'MIGHT" be protecting my comp. Locks computer when I click "My Account" if, and when I am able to get MB GUI to open. Disabled automatic updates (download of fingerprints) - these must now be manually updated. Until just after the 'upgrade' I could access my account. Today my access to my account states I don't have an account. My congrats to whomever got it. Before the "upgrade" I could find MB in Start > All Programs and start it from there, because it stopped starting at boot. When following the kiddie-koder 101 suggestion to reinstall MB "over the old one", it still locks the computer. When GUI is friendly, and I look, it shows "Updates: Current" - but they are NOT current. I made a popup sticky for my desktop to remind me each boot to check for updates. Of course, if MB decides to stay in bed, I get errors which tells me it didn't load at boot, and I must; - Check processes to see if it is there and if it is, kill it and manually load MB - this often works. - If it's not in processes, I manually load it. This will often lock the comp. Reboot, repeat procedure. Will usually load without locking. - It is in processes - and still not in the tray, I can only hope it is functioning - maybe. The GUI, when available, shows "Awesome! You're protected". That is NOT true because I uninstalled Norton a long time ago. If by "Protected", the MB GUI means protected by MB - that is NOT funny guys! You can understand why then, I'd like to BLOCK Malwarebytes from downloading and installing upgrades (note I said upgrades, not updates.) Perhaps, if and when I can get this latest upgrade upgraded, fixed, patched, or whatever so MB really works, and I block further upgrades, I'll feel a smidgen safer. Maybe, after all these years of pushing MB on friends and relatives, and customers, it's time to move to something else? MB has become too comfortable in their mistakes and too far removed from customer service. No security program (apps for the kiddies) should be held together with spit, bobby pins and bailing wire. Disappointedly , o
  13. UPDATE: I did as suggested and waited exactly 30 minutes. It was frozen when it started the install (zero bar grads), can't [X], it, can't ctrl-alt.del. Same as I already said, but was OK repeating it over, just to prove, it wasn't the idiot on the keyboard. I gather since the "upgrade" won't work, I cannot get a downgrade in order ingrade it back to where it was when it worked? I should find something else now? o
  14. Thanks @ both of you. I must ask @Pothos, just how long should one wait while nothing is moving before ctrl-alt-del, and other tries before rebooting?
  15. Had PAID version of Mbam for many years - great program. Last attempted upgrade hung on install. Now there is none. Here is the event: Saw notice to upgrade Mbam. Clicked OK. No Philadelphia lawyer handy so just clicked "I agree" anyway. There was zero progress on the install bar. Could not Cancel, [X], or Ctl-Alt-Del Rebooted Same notice to upgrade again, said no. Malwarebytes no longer showing in tray. Opened Mbam from Start > All Programs. Opened the GUI, clicked "My Account" and it hung too. Re-booted Same notice to upgrade again, said no. Again. Malwarebytes no longer showing in tray. Open Start > All programs Mbam is missing now. Check Programs and Features (Add/Remove) Malwarebytes is gone! Was it something I said? Please sir, may I have it back? There is zero protection now. Some update. For sure, this "upgrade" uses a lot less resources. >:( Ideas? My system in brief: Manufacturer HP-Pavilion Model RK574AA-ABA a1730n Total amount of system memory 4.00 GB RAM System type 32-bit operating system Number of processor cores 2 64-bit capable Yes Storage Total size of hard disk(s) 3167 GB Disk partition (C:) 319 GB Free (485 GB Total) Disk partition (D:) 270 GB Free (440 GB Total) Disk partition (E:) 882 MB Free (6 GB Total) Media drive (F:) CD/DVD Disk partition (G:) 121 MB Free (243 MB Total) Disk partition (M:) 840 GB Free (931 GB Total) Disk partition (N:) 693 GB Free (931 GB Total) Disk partition (X:) 140 GB Free (373 GB Total) Graphics Display adapter type NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Total available graphics memory 2431 MB Dedicated graphics memory 1024 MB Dedicated system memory 0 MB Shared system memory 1407 MB Display adapter driver version Secondary monitor resolution 1280x1024 Primary monitor resolution 1680x1050 Secondary monitor resolution 1280x1024 DirectX version DirectX 10 Network Network Adapter NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller Network Adapter Microsoft Tun Miniport Adapter Thanks O
  16. I asked a question, provided plenty of information and instead of hearing anything, I check and find it was closed. So, I am asking the same question, providing the same info by linking to the question. Please, if you have a possible answer, reply here. Just closing the question without reason prompts one to say 'If support cannot answer the question, please say so, not just close it.' Thanks. BTW, I did try to analyze what was being said in a convoluted PM but I don't think it was an answer to this. The auto-paste in the reply really messed up to the point that it appears more of a Ai that swallowed too many bytes for lunch. Sidebar Ramblings : I am asking - again, because I was about to buy 4 more licenses when I realized, I still need an answer to this. 4 licenses for me is over $200.00 more PER YEAR! For simple home basic protection, costs to operate a computer safely is getting out of hand. Makes me re-think and compare software, service, and support to cost. Yeah I know, there is the free version. Such "free" stuff use to be called crippleware. The fist syringe full of heroin is free, so is the first puff of crack or first snort of cocaine - all are free as well. One way or another - we still pay. I prefer to pay with money and get value for it. Before I blow $200.00 fort a one year adventure into the still unknown, an answer is needed.
  17. I have the paid version of 3 on my desktop. I downloaded trial version for my laptop. The trail cleaned a few PUPs out. On Laptop, while while using Windows Explorer, I get MB popups stating that it blocked outbound to such places as "click.smytratrafficfilter.com", "clicksgear.com", "popcash.cnet" and more similar toilet-sites. Details show it to be from "C:\windows\sysWOW64\explorer.exe" each time. I have manually scanned explorer.exe with MB and Norton, both OK. I removed the HDD from the laptop and attached as slave to desktop (yes I can) and scanned it with paid version of desktop MB. Nothing there. Scanned with Norton as well - OK. Any ideas? o
  18. When any browser is opened after upgrading to MB to 3.x, there are constant MB popups, BIG ONEs that show website blocked. The website is elasticbeanstalk.com, and each popup has a different sub-domain-name (see image attached where the red highlighted area changes with each popup from MB). I could exclude them all, but they are still pounding on the door. When it is happening, browsers have a hard time loading anything. I read sticky about running the "free" third-party scanner called Farbar(?) and read the data it sends. My response is 'really"!!! I see no logic in revealing everything. Farbar states "If an entry is included in the fixlist, the registry item will be restored to default or removed." A warning would have been nice. I had hoped Malwarebytes did the job of helping to find and fix the problem, not just announce it with constant popups. I know the popups can be disabled, but it doesn't fix the problem. Thanks in advance scan-summary.txt
  19. So "Support" forum is really just live indexers to FAQs and sticky posts/ Yeah - thanks for the help
  20. I've had MB for years. Recently I noticed there was version 3.0. I checked and my version is still Malwarebytes Anti-Malware I cannot find anywhere that I can upgrade, which it should have done automatically (yes, it's on). I found this while trying to source the reason MB is popping up web sites blocked, outbound. My version doesn't seem to deal with the why, just the what and I'd like to find out what is causing it and stopping it. How can I upgrade my Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to 3.0? TIA, O
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