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  1. Thank you dccollins for your response. But I thought you might have read the post first, but to repeat, ..."and no one will tell me how I can preview what is being sent. This from a Internet anti-malware company!" It means, we should have the right to PREview just what data MB is gathering and taking. Why not? The 'appie' sent in the A.I. response email does not allow it. It only states that MB is not responsible for anything that happens with the data or to our computers and there is no option to review it first. My only option is to Accept the unknown, or quit. Again, I'll repeat ..."the installer err'ed out to "Not compatible." Not installed."... I have to Quit MB each time I start the comp or am inundated with warnings to update. Now that I'm at risk... can we get an answer to the first, 2nd and 3rd time asked --- 'How do I review the data gathered by the MB A.I. BEFORE it is sent to MB?' Thanks for the help, O "It's not that I have something to hide. I have nothing I want you to see." ... That Girl - Anon
  2. You might want to just jump down to "Questions" below. Preamble: This happens about once a year and takes several weeks to get past the generic A.I. that responds with generic cut & paste wall of text of instructions to run a file that automatically connect somewhere on the 'net, then scans my network, then sends what-ever it wants to where ever it wants - and no one till tell me how I can preview what is being sent. This from a Internet anti-malware company! I have a "Never Expires" License "Status. Have version Update package version 1.0.8001 (I'm sure there are no typos - would be nice if one could copy & paste generic stuff too). ISSUE: I received a notice to "update". Should be 'upgrade". The call home to "update" the fingerprint database is an update. So that we are on the same page - A new version of mbam.exe is an upgrade. I went to MB and view the system specs. I meet those specs. I accepted the upgrade and waited while it installed. After a while, the installer err'ed out to "Not compatible." Not installed. I guess the license never expires - just using mbam.exe does. Now, I continuously get nagops telling me to "update". (Remember, you heard "nagops" here first = any popups or popout nagging one to action, or to do something.) Questions: How might I stop the nagops without compromising the updates? How might I upgrade? The A.I. usually responds with the tale that Norton is causing the problem. Norton says MB is the problem. Uninstalling Norton doesn't stop MB from failing to upgrade. Does not buying a new computer with MB acceptable O/S update (10 is not an upgrade) stop the updates? ~~~ Useless stuff: MBs Acceptable System specs showed XP and up. I have Vista - an acceptable O/S - according to System Requirements. MB has run on here, usually quite well, for many years. I opened a "ticket" and got the usual wall of instructions. I know the next 4 steps by heart as they are automatic and that is why I am asking here - to focus on the real issue and not kept waiting while my computer is scanned by a remote bot sending secret data to a secret admirer . I compared the ticket response to the last 2 I had over the years and they are exactly the same, except for the dates. Trust, Faith and Respect - kaboom! I was told, in another malware forum, that MB is trying to get rid of the "Never Expires" license holders. NOT TRUE! So don't even suggest that because MB is too big a company to pull anything of the sort. I have been with MB since John became a Baptist or just about, and would put the old free version on friends computers and now recommend to people to try the trial (no more free). I wouldn't do that unless it saved my system a few times - and even with a annual user fee now, it's still very worth while. Support, on the hand - well, .... Before Trolls start on selling Windoze upgrades with new icons; I have 1-Vista, 1 x Win 7, 2 x Win 8.1, 2 x Win 10, and 3 Linux boxes. Not being a prisoner, I don't have a cell. Thanks for any help O
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