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  1. Thanks, @Zxel! That means a lot! Most of us are in here to help others as much as we can, trying to keep it professional in the process. There are always going to be the unfortunate few who are going to bitch and whine because all of a sudden their wheel fell off their toy car and they don't know why it happened but they want it fixed and they want it fixed NOW! The temporary fix of gluing the wheel on until it's fixed for good... just isn't what they want to here... so they will just continue to bitch and moan.
  2. Wow! After posting the issue I had after spending a couple hours myself figuring out what the culprit was, I can't believe all the feedback my post has received, especially all the negative ones! I was pretty impressed at @dcollins quick response after my post, stating what the issue was and what the temporary work around is to fix the issue until the next release of MBAM 3 is... released! Yes, he knew the issue was with Anti-Exploit which has been addressed with the standalone MBAM Anti-Exploit. Why did his team not send out mass emails stating this issue and work around in MBAM? Who knows... maybe they just don't have an email blast setup to mass email consumers every time an issue arises. Even so, how many people would actually open and READ the email, not knowing the issue was caused by MBAM? Not many, leaving the message sitting in the inbox unread or even... deleted! Being a computer technician with my own business, my purpose of posting this issue was so I can inform the MBAM team what was going on, as well as help others who may have or are starting to come across this issue with the Creator's Update. According to MS themselves (and Ron Lewis, the manager of this forum).... it was caused by Microsoft themselves and not MBAM because of a last minute change to the CU before it was pushed out. On the 21st of April, MS posted a support article on their site, which links to this post, stating it being a "known compatibility issue as reported also in Malwarebytes forum, and our engineering team is continuing to investigate." https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Office-crashes-or-hangs-in-Windows-10-Creators-Update-with-Malwarebytes-3-0-7a59dfbc-5997-4798-903e-a9e709f17692 So, now MBAM, Microsoft knows, and, the others who are in my line of work and the consumers who know how to do a basic "Google" search... will know as well. A simple search of "malwarebytes issues with office" brings up the Office support article as the 4th site right on the first page! As for consumers, sure... they may not even figure this out on their own for a while unless they phone a friend or a call a tech but... if they follow the basic rules of computer troubleshooting... process of elimination.... they would eventually disable the programs running the in background.. such as... anti-virus and... malware protection! As for the Creator's Update, just like everything Microsoft pushes out, even after extensive beta testing, it was pushed with some bugs and Microsoft has been urging users to NOT force the update but... let it arrive in the updates when it's ready to do so. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/04/26/stop_downloading_win10_creators_update/ The MBAM team said an update will be released soon, within a week or less now.... for the people who are constantly bitching and complaining because they are taking forever and a day! Here's a question for you, would you rather them release a "quick fix" to fix this issue or release a more "robust fix" to fix this and other underlining issues MBAM may have since.... not only the Creator's Update but... other Windows updates after the Creator's Update was released? Have some damn patience! You aren't the boss of MBAM nor are you their higher-up stockholders so stop constantly trying to force them to send out a quick fix as they are continuing to work on the issue at hand with their team and Microsoft.... so they can then TEST it BEFORE it gets released to the masses! You don't know the complexity of the code for malware products so it would be best to sit back and relax until a release is out instead of acting like a 6 year old whining at your mother... "Can I have a cookie yet? How 'bout now? But I want it now, ma! Now! I can't wait!" It's nice to see some of you are being patient and appreciate the feedback of MBAM. Unfortunately, there always has be those who ruin it... I've installed MBAM on 23 computers (24 including mine) so far, after recommending it more to my customers this year and, to this date, haven't had any customers call to complain except for once back when the Web Protection was randomly not starting up... which has been fixed a while back. This has increased my revenue and has given me a constant revenue stream for my business. My customers are happier knowing they are safe from the constant threats they face every day in the online world. I'm not a damn suck up but I greatly appreciate the help and support the MBAM team has given me when I needed it which is hard to say for... most of the other software companies out there.. who usually want to charge for their support or remote in to try to fix it themselves...only to make matters worse (Yes, you hear me, Microsoft and Norton?) Patience.... is a virtue.... you either have it or you don't. Justin
  3. I just updated to the Creator's Update a couple nights ago and besides that one issue where MBAM disables Windows Defender, haven't had any trouble... or so I thought. Today when using Word (part of Office 356, latest version), it would hang/crash when I would try to save a document. I force closed it and tried again, same issue. This also occurred in Excel. I restarted, tried again, same problem. I uninstalled it then installed it again. No change. I even uninstalled the latest KB update I got late last night thinking that was the cause. I did a quick Google search about this issue and it seemed to be a common issue of which, MS released a patch for a while back, etc. I uninstalled it again, restarted, used CCleaner to clean the temps and reg and installed Office again. Same issue.... Word continued to freeze when going to "Save As." Just out of curiosity, I quit MBAM from running in the background via the typical icon in the system tray. I opened Word again and tried to save a document.... NO CRASH! I closed Word then opened MBAM again and waited until it enabled all of its' protection then opened Word again......... tried to save a document but as soon as I clicked on a folder to save it in... it got stuck. Sometimes, an error pops up after MS fails to find a solution.. in a small dialog box (attached.) Has anyone come across this issue yet? Thanks, Justin
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