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  1. I always forget about Java. Wow. Just uninstalled the old and installed the new version. Well my old PC was a HP. New one was built from scratch. But we have used two HP printers on it. Which we won't be using much longer. Switching to a Brother printer. I do hate how much stuff the HP takes up. Wow. I thought I updated it before. Hmm. I'll update it again. That is something I never really knew. Thanks for the info. I'll switch to using that other program you mentioned. Yeah the MOBO I had before this one had a network issue and I bought a newer version of the board a month later instead. Not sure how to remove the old driver that didn't work right. I forget to use it most of the time. I should just install the new version, but so stuck on liking the old version better. I'll try the new one out though instead. Yeah just installed that not long ago. I like it but it does consume alot. Do you know what those are for or how to remove them? If it helps my C drive is my OS drive. I have two other drives for data/programs. The one old drive used to be my old OS drive but windows failed on it. So its a data drive now. Not sure if that screws up anything. Ah ok. I keep updating but forget that just updates the protection, not the software itself. My fault. Thanks for all your help! You've been amazing!
  2. Oh wow thanks I never knew that had a extension! Ah ok I see. I'll work on this in the morning and let you know how it went. Thanks.
  3. Oh here are the logs, sorry about that! mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. I'll tell you why I say MB is causing this issue in a second.... So I built a new PC rig over a year ago for my gaming. I maintain it, run virus/malware checks monthly, defrag, scandisk, clean system files...etc I have Win 7 (64). I also tend to watch Youtube alot on Chrome. But for a long time now I will have stutters on any browser I use on occasion. And it seems to build up over hours. To the point of as I scroll down a website it freezes up every 5 seconds or so. And my videos I watch also freeze for a few seconds. Like I said being a geek I have tried everything. Including virus scans (which are clean). Well today I looked at my Task Manager and noticed MBAM uses up about 200MB of memory often times. Not a massive amount mind you. So I quit MBAM while watching a stuttering video and BOOM.... no more stutter in videos or when I browse. I turned on MBAM again after a few hours. Sure enough hours later the stutter issue starts again. Quit MBAM again and the stutter stops yet again. So what about MBAM (3.5.1) is causing this issue? Is it sending alot of logs? Maybe some glitch in the software? I do have a few sites and files on my "exclusion" list if that matters.
  5. Wow people are idiots. Never seen such nasty comments. Yes its an annoying bug thats messing with our ram. But all you need to do is quit MBAM and disable it in SERVICES for now. Its not like they pushed the update out on purpose people! At least they are working on a solution. All this "I'm gonna sue!" and "I'm permanently uninstalling!" and "Can't trust them!" are some of the most idiotic comments I've heard! If it were my company and people treated me like this over an accidental glitch in an udpate I'd be saying "Forget you guys then for being impatient wolves! I'm not fixing it!".
  6. Logged in just to say same issue to. Went to bed at 4am. Got up just now and my PC was moving at like 1 frame every few seconds. Had to hold down the power button to force it to restart. Figured maybe I have a virus or something. Then I noticed in my Windows Logs it said MBAM was having an issue. Came on here and theres a billion posts about this RAM issue and the Protection not starting. I quiy my MBAM but my RAM is still maxed at 15.6GB. WTH did MBAM do to my PC?!?
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