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  1. It's taken care of. Thanks for letting me know that a support ticket would take that long. That should be stated up front and I would have pursued other avenues. Anyway, thanks,.
  2. Well, it would be nice if that was stated up front if it's the case. It's really not something that you can help me with here. It is an autorenew billing issue that was applied to the wrong CC. It needs to be changed and that's something only the billing dept can do. It's time sensitive, so, I will probably just need to dispute it. Thanks for the response. For a paid product, it shouldn't be this way.
  3. I've submitted 4 support tickets in the last week and have received an automated response to each one indicating a staff member would contact me, but nothing. The first ticket was 6 days ago. One business week for a response from a human for a paid product is ludicrous. I want to cancel my subscription, but it was paid for for the entire year.
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