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  1. No worries. The issue seems to have resolved itself. All notifications indicate that this protection layer is working. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hey there @LiquidTension Yes. That is the time when the computer was the powered up. Please note that in the task bar, the icon has a "!" and when I hover over it open the program, it says "protection disabled". (see enclosed screenshot) When you click the icon and pull up the menu it says "Web Protection : Off" (see enclosed pic, sorry but screenshot makes that notice close) Also when I first posted this support request, the Web Protection was off in the dashboard and I could not turn it on. Now that I look at again to take a screenshot, the status claims to be on. Please advise.
  3. Hello, I keep getting warning about the Huffpost.com site being clickbait. I have several versions on it whitelisted (http/https/www/sans www) and I STILL get warnings about it. Is there a way to correct this? Thanks.
  4. @Firefox Yes. I have already uninstalled MB3.0, ran the cleaning tool and reinstalled the latest version at the time. It did not correct the issue. I have attempted to follow the directions for getting the logs, when going for the first log file - C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\logs - I am confused because MGAMService does not show as a directory as it implies in the path. Hence my request for clarification. It shows as an exe file. When I click it nothing happens. See screenshot. Also, you mentioned 4 files, else where I am seeing 3 files. please confirm exactly which it is. Thanks.
  5. Hello @Porthos, I attempted to follow the instructions here to get the log files via MBAMService - but it did not work for me. It it a executable file. I clicked it and nothing happened. Run as admin and nothing happened. Can we do a screenshare or something? Is there a video that I can follow?
  6. Can I get some professional assistance with this issue????? Not sure what's going on but I am really starting to doubt customer service. I need to find a fix to this issue or I am not going to renew my subscription which I've had for numerous years.
  7. Thanks Francois. I appreciate your input. I followed those steps to update, and low and behold. The pop ups are still coming up. Not as frequently but still coming up now and then.
  8. After the fiasco yesterday with so many having this issue as per this thread : I am STILL having issues with the popup showing often. Please advise. This is super annoying.
  9. I downloaded the new version twice but can't open it. It just cycles. Can't open in browser or from the OS folder Can someone please confirm in layman's terms exactly what Chrome is trying to do here? Is it malicious? A false positive? If the latter I can go about my day and take care of this later.
  10. Thanks demonkex1987. I will give that a try.
  11. Well... I am joining the group of frustrated users in this issue. Starting getting pop-ups last night. Now this morning I am getting them every 10 second. I tried updating the the most recent version of MB3.0 by clicking the icons etc. but it says I already have it with 3.0.5. So how do I force an update?
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