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  1. I was visiting family for 3 months, got back decided to update mbam and run a scan and this popped up. The file seems to date back to may and running it through virustotal did not give any hits. (https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/7e1a98dd149db189c87a9c8ca06d158552427588ee157182bd40b9cb2ab4cbe0/detection) The last time i used this computer was the the middle of june. I have a regular scan scheduled to run every 2 days and there was no detections back then. Thanks! 34EB433F-AEF0-42B3-95CC-4FDBBFF9407C.TMP.zip scan.txt
  2. One of my automated scans just picked up Avast driver updater and some registry values as adware. The files all seem to have a valid signature, I don't really know anything about registry values so i cant provide anything more about them as of now. Also running a second scan after I restored them from quarantine added one more entry. I included the scans and the files and I even found the installer that I used to install the program ages ago. adu.txt Avast Driver Updater.zip secondscan.txt avastdriverupdaterinstaller.zip
  3. yea, i just updated to 3.0 from 2.2 and the problem started again
  4. so the database version that im on is v2017.03.02.05 and you can check it by opening malwarebytes and looking at the second column on the home screen
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