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  1. think it has fixed mine - nothing for around 15 / 20 minutes - v2017.03.02.05
  2. Just seen and installed an update (No 5 I think), will see if this fixes it...
  3. OK, thanks - sorry, what's an f/p? Are you saying that this is a known issue and will be fixed? Any idea of timing of update? And any idea of how to stop the *** thing from popping up? Apologies for bombardment of questions
  4. Aha. Well if I get anywhere with customer services I'll let you know....One quick question: are you also using Chrome? Has there been a recent update do you know that might have triggered this (as it seems to be coming from my Chrome.exe folder)....
  5. Hi Hope this is the right place to post. I have Malwarebytes, Premium Version (I've contacted customer support but thought I'd come to the forums too for belt-and-braces approach).... As of today I have a Malwarebytes message popping up very frequently: Malicious website blocked, IP, port 53792, Outbound, Process : C:|ProgramFiles(x86)\Google\Chrome\Applications\Chrome.exe; A little googling tells me this is my computer requesting access to this ip address, probably because it is looking for but not finding an external device. How can I confirm whether this is the case? Is it harmless? How can I shut down the pop up as it is very distracting? Hope you can help!
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