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  1. Thanks so much for the information. I have followed this topic but have been out of town over the weekend. I have the paid version of Malwarebytes and since I am unsure of how to proceed on the uninstall can you tell me if I can follow the directions from this thread I found in the forums:
  2. I notice when I click on the files the path is not right! I am so lost!!!! MBAMSERVICE.LOG mbae-default.log
  3. Something has been done to Windows Defender to cause it to identify Malwarebytes as malware and even though I turn it off AND have marked the Malwarebytes file as "allowed" I think it is still blocking it. I have also noticed that Windows Defender and Firewall will turn themselves back on after being turned off to try to allow Malwarebytes to run.
  4. When I tried to download and run this, Windows sent me a message that they had blocked the download and marked it as unsafe. I was given the option of downloading it anyway and when I tried to run it this is a screenshot of the screen I got.....
  5. Help! I am receiving the error message, "Error 'Unable to connect to service" when I log on.
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