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  1. I should clarify, that I suggested that I send them VMs to work on, not the team in India.
  2. Last week our network was hacked into by an unknown party. Our firewall was open for remote connections to allow a firm that is performing major upgrades to our Microsoft Dynamics ERP software. Prior to this project, I set up a VPN connection on our Sonicwall firewall device and both myself and the local office of the firm doing the upgrades were able to log in successfully. However, the firm doing the upgrades has a team doing much of the work from India. The folks in India insisted they were unable to connect via the VPN and had to use a much less secure route. Yes, this should have bee
  3. I'll give MWB credit for giving me a good laugh just now. My MWB console on one PC just popped up "RENEW NOW" hahahahahahah !!! That's the funnest thing I heard of in months ! Poor old MWB is down to a 2-1/2 star rating on cnet : http://download.cnet.com/security/windows/ How low can it go?
  4. How do you know what problem I had before? It would seem to me that protection turning off is the same as protection turning off !! I don't care if the actual program coding is different this time, fact is the problem is the same NO WEB PROTECTION. You guys are a bunch of clowns running around like chickens with their heads cut off, maybe it's time to bring in some real programmers, or send the programing off to the India or China programing shops, they'd have it fixed by noon today.
  5. Mike, like you I have been using MWB since it was just a shareware product and had much respect for the product for many many years. However, this problem has existed since version 3.0 was released in Dec 2016 (6 months). I suggested to the staff that they recall the version until they get it right, but was basically tagged as a trouble maker and this was a isolated issue, only a couple users had problems. Hmmm only a couple users? Look at the posts and think about the fact that only 1 in who knows how many posts in the forums. I think we are beyond patience don't you?
  6. Kaspersky Internet Security works for me. Just about any big name anti-virus works wonders over MWB. They just about all have malware protection nowadays. I've been dumping MWB on all my PC's as the licenses expire. This has been going on since December, yet they continue to sell the 3.0 product, and take hard earned money from unsuspecting customers. I've been tagged as a trouble maker every time I posted questions to the staff as to their claims about the "no need for anti-virus". They kept telling me that this is an extremely isolated issue and millions of users are not having problems
  7. Several weeks ago, I posted in the Malwarebytes 3.0 forum asking for advise on the continuous problems with protection being disabled, and the inability to re-enable. Over the next week or so I saw a multitude of additional posts from users with problems. I also have seen posts in other non-Malwarebytes forums and websites with similar issues. About 2 weeks ago, I made a new post : In my post I asked for comments from the Malwarebytes staff directed towards the subject of the obsolescence of there software since most major players in the anti-virus and endpoint protection business n
  8. First let me start by saying that I have been a long long time user of Malwarebytes, and have recommended it or installed it on many a users computer. But I must confess, this latest fiasco concerning the many bugs within version 3.0 and the 4 months it took to resolve, really has me doing a whole lot of soul searching. Yesterday, I installed the latest attempt to fix the problems, BETA CU4. So far, this is the longest I have been able to go without an error message, 26 hours..WooHooo !! A quick word to the wise, make sure before you attempt to try the above Beta out, you know y
  9. Jerry, The whole point of my post that started all this, was that Malwarebytes needs to act responsibly and make all users and downloaders be aware that MB 3.0 is a unfinished project, and that they do not recommend it's use, unless you're willing to risk possible issues. I pointed out that you are a one man show, to backup my belief that your figure of only 5 of 1000 installs being problematic is most likely a fantasy figure. In reality, you haven't a clue what version most of your customers are running, if anything at all. Please, don't state figures if you have nothing to back them !!
  10. Jerry, Sounds like your clients like your work, and I'm sure you do a good job at what you do. However, as a 1 or 2 man PC repair shop sandwiched between a tattoo parlor and a smoothie shop, I question your figures. You may have worked on almost a thousand PCs in your 13 or so years, but I find it hard to believe that almost 1000 are using 3.0 But lets say they all are, and in fact 5 of those 1000 are having issues, if indeed MILLIONS of people have 3.0 installed, that translates to more than 5000 people for every million installs. Do you have any hard facts to back up your figures, or ar
  11. I agree, I have used the product for many many years without a hitch. BUT, so many users are updating everyday without a clue about the issues. The product needs to be withdrawn from general sale and download. It should only be available as a BETA for willing users to test. In a business like mine, we do not have time to do our work, and then do Malwarebytes testing job as well.
  12. Yes, a lot of us thought 1.0.75 was the answer too, however no sooner than you begin to think all is solved, even that version starts acting up. And Becky, hopefully you understand that none of this should be taken personally, however, I think at this time Malwarebytes needs to act responsibly and withdraw 3.0 from distribution immediately. They should put out some sort of email to all registered users that until further notice, it is suggested that users reinstall 2.0 until 3.0 can be PROPERLY debugged and be re-released. Malwarebytes should also extend the license expiration of all regi
  13. I was just about to say the same thing as bobmitch "Every day it is a different module that doesn't work". Now I have 2 modules stopping (Ransomware and Web). This is really getting old fast. I understand a bug here or a bug there, but this is getting worse by the day, and it's been going on for way too long. Enough of this try this try that crap. I'm trying to run a business, not spend all day restarting services, rebooting everyone's computers, and rebooting servers. I've already disabled it on a few systems, because the notification pop ups were causing too much work slow dow
  14. Me too. I just got the problem with web protection solved yesterday and now I get these. It looks like people all over the web are getting them in several different security related applications like Symantec, Malwarebytes, etc.... Whats going on !!! I tried disabling notifications but that does not help, I also tried adding an exception for the IP, no luck.
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