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  1. Er, that link doesn't look like it for an antivirus app, so I won't be clicking on it... Nice try tho!
  2. I never received a notification about gradinaruvasile's post, so I hadn't seen it until now, and as grateful as I am for the help, I have no idea what it means either!. We have since solved the problem, by completely wiping the phone, and starting from fresh, so unfortunately there's no way to find out what the culprit was...
  3. Hi! New member here, so please be gentle! My partner is having some issues with full-screen pop-up ads on her Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (running Android 6.0.1). They appear randomly, sometimes on the home screen, and sometimes while running other apps or games. When the ad appears, we can press the app-switch button, and it appears as an item at the bottom of the list of running apps, but with no title. This means that we don't know what app is producing the ads... We have tried several apps to try to find what is putting the ads up, but nothing is ever found. When using Malwarebytes (our f
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