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  1. I have re-installed MBAM with the DB update and I excluded those iFly .dll and I made a scan. Finally I could operate the iFly aircraft as usual without any trouble. You made an DB update and therefore I think those iFly .dll are no more necessary to move them to the exclusions. Can you pls. confirm or is it still neccessary to move this kind of .dll to the exclusions. Roger
  2. Hello in your post above is no download link behind MBAM2 Version: v2017.03.08.06 I have only version2 for the moment. On your website I can only see the newer version 3 Can you tell me how to download MBAM2 Version: v2017.03.08.06 ??? regards Roger
  3. Dear gentlemens O my gott !!! I never recognided that there must be or there are two different iFly.dll One is in the modules folder as usual called iFly744.dll and there is a second one called iFly.dll in the base aircraft folder where you recogniced. My eyes are always focused to the modul folder where usually the .dll are placed. Now I am sending you the second one for investigation. But i think the fault is with me because I only made an exclusion with the iFly744.dll If you confirm no problems I will re-install MBAM and move both files to the exclusions and hop
  4. Hello Mr. Tammy Stewart I have already sent iFly744.dll to Mr. Filipos Mouliatis I am sending this file again herewith attached. I have already excluded this .dll but Malewarebytes does not exclude them and stop the use of this .dll and my iFlyb744 aircraft addon is no more working. (became corrupt) After each excluding trial within the MBAM I have to re-install and rebuild this iFlyb744 aircraft addon again und it causes me lot of work . If there is no solution, I can not use MBAM for my simulation machines. regards Roger iFly744.7z
  5. I could not start mbam.exe /develope from the start menu but I found the logfile in: C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\Logs I attach now the log here. Pls. investigate the log protection-log-2017-03-07.7z
  6. Hello Filipos no success so far 1. I installed again Malwarebytes. 2. I moved lFly744.dll to the exclusion (screenshot is attachend) 3. I made a scan with the result of 0 intendified threats 4. I started again the P3D simulator and selected the iFly b747 aircraft. During openening the iFly744 aircraft (iFly744.dll) I recognized again on the right botton corner of the monitor a small message from Malewarebytes that the iFly.dll had been blocked. Sorry, can not provide a screenshot becaus of the very short apperance of this message. I had to un-install
  7. Hello Filipos In order to be able to operate the iFly B747 on the Lookhead Martin P3D Simulator I had to uninstall Malewarebytes therefore detection is not existing. Right now I am using Spyboot-S&D Serach and Destroy instead of Malwwarebytes. This software does not block the iFly744.dll. If you can help or advise how to exclude the blocking of iFly744.dll I will go back to Malewarebytes. I have Malewarebytes on other machines and so far no problem. regard Roger
  8. Hello Support Herewith I am sendin g you your requred .zip file. regards Roger iFly744.7z
  9. Dear Sir I have attached now the Lookhead Martin P3D dll.xml where following part will be faulty by the scan of Malewarebytes. <Launch.Addon> <Name>iFly 747-400 Menu</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>Modules\iFly744.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> This part becomes active if we adapt the iFly B747-400 module using the modul installer. Without above part missing the iFly B747-400 can not be used. PS: Based on your attachment files restriction, the at
  10. Dear Sir Thanks for your response. I have already un-installed Malewarebytes from my FSSim maschine. In order to send you the log file I have to install Malewarebytes again and again my iFly B747 on Lockheed Martins P3D will no more work. I will contact the iFly staffs first. (the designer of that Fltsim addon ). Probably I will try to arrange a MWB Installation to a later time. I will come back if this problem can not be solved. regards Roger
  11. Dear Support Malwarebytes quarantiners the iFly.dll from Flightsimulator FSX and P3D after installing the moduleinstaller which writes the .dll to simulator .dll called dll.xml I can send you the whole .dll text file. When I tray to restore (re-install) antimalware software, it will blocked again When I put it into the exlusions it will not work. Malwarebytes stops them again. Need your help with regards Roger
  12. Dear Support Malwarebytes quarantiners the iFly.dll from Flightsimulator FSX and P3D after installing the Moduleinstaller of the iFly B747 which writes the iFly.dll to Simulator .dll called dll.xml I can send you the whole .dll text file. When I tray to restore Antimalware the dll.xml will be blocked again. When I put the TRoian.Miuref into the Malwarebytes exlusions it will not work. Malwarebytes stops the Modul installation again. Hope for help and regards Roger
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