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  1. Thanks Maurice, currently I am recommending to my Windows users to stay with Windows security as antivirus, run Malwarebytes premium for real time protection, and do you think I should then also recommend running the adwcleaner as another tool to use? Dan
  2. I run a Windows Users Group and would like a simple description between a virus and malware? I also run Malwarebytes Premium so do I need to run AdwCleaner? Thanks, Dan
  3. Hmmm. I'll then need to redownload the install file after the W10 update. Ill save a copy of all license info before removing the program. Thanks.
  4. It does not look like I have an Exit option in the System Tray menu options. I have Quit Malwarebytes. But does this actually shut down MWB so the update can occur? As for the Windows bug reply above. Yea, that's a possibility, but I rebooted and did a complete shutdown a couple times. All previous Insider updates went in perfectly and not one hitch. This is the first time. Thanks for the replies so far. Dan MWB System Tray menu.pdf
  5. I'm updating Window 10. Windows 10 Insider Preview 15063 gets stuck at "Downloading Updates 8%". I've turned off all the features of MWB, then rebooted my laptop. Now Windows 10 is updating. Is there an easier way to "Disable Malwarebytes" prior to updating Windows? Thanks, Dan
  6. I have this pop up error message as well. In my Dashboard, the Web protection is Off. I did get it to go on, but a couple days later, it went back off. (I don't like this!) I'm hoping an update will fix this issue. I'm on Windows 10 Home Inside Preview, Build 14986 and using Malwarebytes Dan
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