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  1. Hello, Objective: Update definitions upon user login. Is there a command line that I can add to a batch (.bat) file or a way to update the definitions via Windows' Task Scheduler (taskschd.msc)? I would like the definitions to update immediately upon user login. The built-in scheduler is not suitable. Regards.
  2. Regardless of the outcome, I appreciate you looking into it.
  3. I may have confused the 2.x version with the original. However, if my memory serves me correct and short of re-installing the old versions, I recall silent update/tray notification being a thing. Is it possible to incorporate a silent definition update option that simply provides a notification in the tray for a few seconds (i.e., "Definitions are up to date!" or "Updates applied!"). See the attached image of the less intrusive notification from the earlier generation of MB. I sincerely hope an option for this can be included in later revisions. Thank you.
  4. Greetings, When I right click on the MB 3.0 Premium tray icon and click "Check for Updates," why does the program need to open up to show whether it is applying an update or if its up to date? In previous versions of MB, the updates applied in the background. Please add an option to display a tray notification rather than opening the program since it interrupts the activity I may be working on at the time. Attached is an animated GIF of the issue. Regards.
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