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  1. Nathan, thanks for taking the time to help me with this. It is confusing. I'll try to find the In-app CC charge and stop future payments to it....without stopping all payments to Malwarebytes/Cleverbridge. I purchased Norton for Android. It seems to do everything I need. For your tech people, something happened at the end of the In-app purchase. When the purchase was finished and Malwarebytes opened for the first time, I was greeted with a request for the activation key. I didn't have one so I dismissed it thinking that I would be receiving one, and I would start Malwarebytes again
  2. More.... I never received an activation key for the PC stuff that I was getting straightened out with Cleverbridge. My PC version of Malwarebytes Premium was already activated. I was just extending the subscription period.
  3. I am absolutely certain that I am not getting the PC and Android confused. Today, I got an email from Malwarebytes support. They said that an In-app purchase uses an activation code. Now, I'm confused. That contradicts what you said. My Malwarebytes for PC is activated and running fine, but it's using an activation key that is only for Android devices. The confusion seems to be with Cleverbridge or Malwarebytes. I'm never sure which one I'm dealing with. I sent this to support: I opened my desktop Malwarebytes and this information is under the “My Account” tab: Edition: Premium Li
  4. What name would the purchase go to? Cleverbridge said they don't handle In-app purchases. Thanks.
  5. Thank you. I reinstalled Malwarebytes for Android. It show that I had 15 days remaining for my Premium trial period. I closed Malwarebytes and rebooted of my Samsung tablet. I opened Malwarebytes and it repeated that I had 15 days left of my trial period. I tapped on "Premium" under the "General" tab in the Menu. The next page showed a list of things that I would have if I upgraded to "Premium." At the bottom of the page is a button to tap which says "UPGRADE NOW." I tapped on it and it brought up a small window that said, "Premium Subscription (Malwarebytes for Android)." Below that, it showe
  6. I have the same problem. It never fixed itself. Around the same time as my MWB Android app purchase, I got a notice from Cleverbridge that my PC MWB subscription was about to expire. I didn't think that was correct. I thought that I was good for several more months, so I went to my MWB account page on their site and found that I couldn't log in. I sent a support request to Cleverbridge and MWB support but didn't hear back. I went ahead and renewed my subscription for another year. After that, I got a support email from Cleverbridge. I told them what had happened. They got back to me and
  7. This started happening to me about 2 or 3 weeks ago. None of the available suggestions have worked for me and Malwarebytes support seems to be groping in the dark. I like Malwarebytes and have been using it for a few years; but, with this nagging error, I don't have any confidence that I'm being protected. My subscription is good for 55 more days. I wonder if I get my money back for all the time that I don't seem to be protected. I want to keep using Malwarebytes; but, I can't trust it for now. Is there another, equivalent malware protection program that can be used until Malwarebytes solves t
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