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  1. Hi, Perhaps someone here can help me out with this problem. We have 2 websites: ReviverSoft.com - Labeled as MMT - Added by MysteryFCM SimpleStar.com - Labeled as PUP - Added by MysterFCM I got this information after using Virustotal on our website, and then using hosts-file.net. Is it possible that I can have a bit of clarification as to: 1. Why we are being detected as such? 2. What measures can we take to remove these labels and get listed as clean again? Over the past year we have went through our websites and software with a fine tooth comb and fixed anything we could find that could be considered even remotely misleading. We are absolutely committed to working with you guys to fix further issues but would like some clarification on what we can do to make all parties happy. Thanks for your time.
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