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  1. Hello, We finally deleted 523 suspect files from our server. I can provide a complete list of these files if it's useful to you. Files like this: http://www.toucharger.com/download/media/TC/the-pyramids-of-egypt-3d-screensaver_1_17487.exe Are no longer found on our server. Hoping this will help clear our reputation :) Best regards, RSF
  2. Hello, Thanks. I've asked for a complete scan of these files yesterday, but it seems that what you spotlight are false positive, mostly decade-old files that represent no danger. Anyway, I will chek again, these are useless piece of outdated software, it won't be a loss. Regards
  3. Hello, We deleted it. Thanks for your quick answer! Have a nice day. Fred
  4. Hello again My website toucharger.com has been blacklisted https://hosts-file.net/?s=www.toucharger.com Please help me whitelist this website. Thanks
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