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  1. Thank you Nathan. I tried to find this in faq but was unable.
  2. If I already paid for Malwarebytes Premium for home use, why should I also buy Malwarebytes Premium for Android?
  3. I am having major problems with Microsoft Casual Games being blocked by Malwarebytes. There are two of these games that daily I have to deleted these games, restart my machine and then download them again from the Microsoft store. I know that Malwarebytes is the problem as earlier this morning I played these two games. Upon starting my computer Malwarebytes had just finished the daily scan just now and these games simply do not start. I am using version 3.5.1 component package 1.374 I do not know how to whitelist these games as I can't find listed in programs. Any help would
  4. What if you have Malwarebytes 64-bit..what version would that be?
  5. After downloading and installing the newest version, once again, I have no web protection. I have enabled web protection, then rebooted my machine. Afterwards later this afternoon, when Malwarebytes updated and my Kapersky was updating web protection was turned off. So I thinking there may a conflict between Malwarebytes and Kapersky both them trying to do the same thing. I still have way over six months before Kapersky contract expires, then I will try back Malwarebytes For time being I will reinstall the older version.
  6. Thank you all for your replies, I will download the beta version and try the program before I revert back to previous version.
  7. I didn't have any problem with malwarebytes always popping up with web protection turned off before I installed this latest version. I didn't have problems with being online browsing facebook and facebook crashing before. I want my old version back. I am running windows 10, Kapersky Internet Security Suite(version: 17.00.611(c)). Malwarebytes version:, Componet Package Version: 1.0.56, update package version: 1.01321
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