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  1. Dear Malwarebytes , The link for www.mtcbus.com.tw Should not be a phishing website , MTCBus is a bus services company in Taiwan . Please help reanalysis , thx .
  2. Dear Malwarebytes , MB had detected and blocked a server for testing internet contact speed on www.speedtest.net , tpv3-1.speedtest.idv.tw reason is " riskware " . However i believe this is a FP , please help reanalysis it . Thanks .
  3. Hi , i have no idea , and i can't reproduce the issue again right now . But about a week ago , malwarebytes browser extension blocked the Yahoo's main page when i visit , and warning it's a malware/scams website ..... When i saw malwarebytes browser extension blocked the tw.yahoo.com , i just add into the Allow list , so never see the FP again . And few min ago , i remove the " tw.yahoo.com " from Allow list , but didn't see any warning message , seems no more FP issue . malwarebytes browser extension had a update few days ago , maybe the issue had be fixed ?
  4. Dear @Dashke Please help take a look for it , thanks .
  5. #1 Dear Malwarebytes , The Malwarebytes browser extension had just block the link for tw.yahoo.com domain malware/scams However this is a false positive , yahoo isn't a malware/scams website , tw is a domain abbreviation . Please help recheck . Thanks .
  6. Confirm , issue had be fix . Just hope Malwarebytes can improve it , stop give bugs to their customer ....
  7. Sams issue . Why Malwarebytes keep make strange bugs for their customer ?
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